Hands up if you have known a woman in your life whose marriage is destroyed by both a cheating husband and a mistress. If you do, there are the occasional times you might have heard stories of some angry, cheated wives confessing fantasies to their close friends on the idea of teaching the mistresses a lesson or doing a Lorena Bobbit (look it up on Google and you will find out) on their straying husbands.

Today, I would like to share two very interesting Asiaone articles which made a mention about the mistress ‘killers’ some months ago. I understand the subject is a bit too late talk about on the blog but it is worth a mention. Before you start jumping into conclusion thinking that a mistress ‘killer’ is a person who goes after a man-stealing (or man-eating, take your pick) seductress of a mistress with a knife, grenade or a gun that is not what I mean. A mistress ‘killer’ is defined as a woman who does some sleuthing on cheating husbands and man-stealing mistresses under their noses. Think female ‘private detective’ waging a war on mistresses. The first article worth checking out is about how a horrible divorce experience led Singaporean divorcee Madam Tay to wage a war against mistresses (mind you, all mistresses come in all shapes, sizes, appearances and nationalities so let’s not pigeon-hole one nationality all because of a few bad ones giving some good ones a very bad name). To whoever reading this first article, I am sure readers would either praise her as a vigilante with a cause after a terrible experience which cost her marriage or some would brand her as a busybody with a grudge who needs help. As a blogger, I am not here to decide if Madam Tay is a vigilante or an angry woman in need of help. However, if I were in her shoes, of course it is natural to be upset over a cheating husband who chooses to take a good marriage for granted and throws it all away through divorce. And it is also natural to be angry at the man-stealing cheap woman who seduces one’s husband or boyfriend.

The other article talks about how Xi’an native, Zhang Yufen, also known as a ‘mistress killer’ used her experience with a cheating husband years ago to become the private investigator she is today for cheated wives in China. Other than being a private investigator on cheating husbands, news have it a refuge centre is opened by her in Beijing for women who have been through the pain and anguish of being cheated by their straying husbands. Many would praise Zhang Yufen as a heroine who brings hope to cheated wives and invokes fear in cheating husbands when they are caught or confronted. However, I believe some people would label her as a woman who did not get over the experience of being cheated and fighting to get a divorce for years. Then again, both Zhang Yufen and Madam Tay show that cheating on one’s spouse is just not worth the mess and suffering a family ends up going through like they when through with their cheating husbands.

What says you about both Madam Tay and Zhang Yufen the mistress ‘killers’? Do you think they are both vigilantes with a cause after an ordeal each woman face? Or do you believe these women are just angry busybodies with a grudge against those who cheat on their spouses as well as cunning mistresses? Opinions are welcome (no profanity please).