After watching an episode of Law and Order: Special Victims’ Unit (Season 12 Episode 22) in which Full House star John Stamos, known for his role as Uncle Jessie, guest starred as a charming but manipulative reproductive abuser (honestly, he did a great job portraying a monster although he is always known for playing wholesome characters as mentioned in this online article) , I decided get blogging about the issue of reproductive abuse (sometimes known as reproductive coercion) after catching up with my weekly dose of Benson and Stabler.

In case you have not come across the term ‘reproductive abuse’, you must be wondering what it is. Reproductive abuse or reproductive coercion would be simply defined as getting a woman pregnant against her will. As a blogger, I understand that you would define it is as rape or sexual abuse and I say you are right. However, reproductive abuse can seen as a way for the abuser (the man) to use pregnancy to control his victim (wife or girlfriend). Then again, what if I tell you that reproductive abuse does not always involved forcing a woman to have unprotected sexual intercourse against her will? Reproductive abuse can also involve the abuser sabotaging contraception (such as poking holes into condoms, flushing birth control pills down the toilet or replacing birth control pills with sugar pills without the woman’s knowledge). Secondly, reproductive abuse does not always involve threatening or beating up a woman into submission to have sex with the abuser alone. Reproductive abuse can sometimes involve some abusers sweet-talking and charming their way into the victims’ hearts with the evil intention of using pregnancy to control the female as well as wrecking her life when she least knows what is happening and later end up getting dumped when the abuser moves on to another victim. If you think that reproductive abuse happens only in fiction, think again. How about this perfect real-life example which has been in the British news for quite a while about a man called Keith Macdonald who would not only be classed as a reproductive abuser but also as a no-good opportunist taking advantage of government benefits which come straight from the taxpayers’ pockets as mentioned in the Daily Mail article (Honestly, this chap needs to get off his butt, stop claiming benefits and start working so that British taxpayers won’t have to fork out their hard earned cash for him. Secondly, he should be sterilised so that he will not leave a trail of heartbreak and suffering). Keith Macdonald, you know who are, you are one selfish and good-for-nothing person giving good British men (and men around the world) a bad name. By the way here is a recent article about Macdonald as reported in April 2011.

Before you start passing judgement on my writing, I am not trying to imply that pregnancy is a monstrosity. It is reproductive abusers that are the real monsters. They are the ones who deliberately ruin their women’s lives and let innocent children (who do not choose to be conceived through reproductive abuse) suffer all thanks to their selfish and abusive nature(who should not be called fathers to begin with). Therefore, I believe laws need to be amended to not only recognise how damaging is reproductive abuse  or coercion but also mete out harsh sentences on reproductive abusers. Lastly, I believe women and girls need to be educated about the issue of reproductive abuse.

What says you about the issue of reproductiver abusers? Do you believe that it is an issue that everyone needs to open their eyes to? Do you think the law needs to get tough on such men? Opinions are welcomed (but no profanity please!)