The bully teacher who got away with it

Two years ago, I wrote a blog post about teachers who bully and after having read an article from Asiaone’s Edvantage, it was time for me to get typing the moment my blood boiled over what I read. As a victim of a bully teacher years ago, my empathy and sympathy go to the little girl’s family who are hoping that justice will be served on that monster who traumatised her.

Sadly, justice was not meted out and the bully teacher got away with a probation all because the law considered her past. I beg your pardon, what sort of law would consider her past as an excuse to be given probation instead of jail time? I don’t care whether she has a past as a victim of sexual abuse or not, that teacher should be slapped with a jail sentence to serve as a lesson to others that society will not tolerate monsters like her who dare to destroy a child. Her past as a victim of abuse gives her no excuse to hurt this little girl.

As a reader and a member of the public, I cannot help but wonder what happens once this ‘teacher’ finishes her probation in 21 months time. Will she lay a finger on another child and destroy him or her like how she did to that kindergarten student? Will history repeats itself again on some unfortunate little child once she returns to teaching? Sad to say, the law is a joke by not meting out justice properly against that monster who does no deserve to teach. Since the law is not giving the little girl and her family the justice they want, that monster of a teacher will be judged once she meet her Maker to be judged when she kicks the bucket at her old age. She and others like her will have answer to God for what she had done to an innocent child.

To the family of that little girl, I want to say you are not alone in this pain and anguish because there are other victims like your child. As a former victim of a bully teacher, I can truly relate to your daughter and I don’t wish this to happen to anyone’s child. But do not give up in giving her unconditional love and moral support. Remember that you can seek counselling and therapy from child psychologists who are willing to help and listen. To the little girl, if you are reading this, remember this is never your fault. Whoever tells you that you asked for this to happen, they are wrong. No child like you should go through the pain and humiliation in the hands of a monster like that teacher.

As for the teacher, I have nothing nice to say to you. You are a monster who do not deserve to teach and you will repeat this abuse on another child someday. To tell the court that you were a victim of abuse just to get probation is nothing but an excuse. You should have been slapped with a jail sentence and a blacklist from the Singaporean teaching profession. Sadly, that is not the case. Do you have any idea what you have done to this little girl? Because of you, you have reduced her into a sad and frightened little shadow of herself. How would you like if you are hit, shoved and be made to strip naked? You won’t like it right. Since you got away with probation in this lifetime, I hope you will burn in hell for what you done to her.

The case involving a kindergarten teacher is an issue we all need to wake up and acknowledge that bully teachers still and do exist in this day and age. What says you about this issue? Do you think the law is not doing its job properly in dealing with this monster? Do you think this so-called teacher should have been jailed and stripped of her licence to teach? Do you believe the little girl and her family deserve justice to be on their side?

Being AWOL for a year

Hi everyone,

I am back after being on a one-year ‘sabbatical’ away from my blog due to work and study commitments. Since I am on a break from study, I am really back online 🙂 . Secondly, I want to apologise for being away this long. Stay tuned

The tragic life of Linda Lovelace: How Deep Throat ruined her and Chuck Traynor deserves no respect

Some days ago, an interesting piece from Daily Mail UK about Linda Lovelace  and this blog entry caught my attention and prompted me to write about the Lovelace issue here. With news that two Linda Lovelace biopics (with one where Amanda Seyfried and Peter Sarsgaard will be playing Lovelace and Traynor respectively and the other with Malin Akerman and Matt Dillon respectively) are made, I was prompted to read further about this woman who gained both notoriety and fame long before I was born and whose life was tragically cut short when I had already left high school. As a blogger, I have to say the more I read about Lovelace, the more sympathy I have for a woman like her who could have deserved better than have herself exploited, abused and ruined all no thanks to the one person who did that to her: Chuck Traynor. Again, I cannot help but wonder what if her life could have turned out very differently if she did not cross paths with a monster called Chuck Traynor. Then again, nobody knows.

As a blogger, all I can say is that Chuck Traynor has been long gone dead and he is definitely a horrible monster who deserves to have his grave danced on or better yet have his grave descerated and vandalised (just my wishful thinking). Why? Because this man will and always be remembered as the one who exploited and profited from an ill-gotten hardcore porn movie called Deep Throat which should not be made in the first place. Men like Chuck Traynor not only should never deserve any ounce of respect but also they should be condemned as scum of society that are lower than the dirt on the ground. Therefore, I would like to ask this question: If they consider that to be acceptable to exploit and coerce women like Lovelace to make something as disgusting and horrid like Deep Throat, how would they like it if their own sisters and daughters by their boyfriends or husbands would be exploited, coerced and violated into doing the same thing? I will say this once: no woman or girl deserves this sort of treatment.

Anyway, as far I have read or heard Deep Throat was made when Lovelace was coerced and abused into making it by Traynor and what is even sadder to note is that a monster like him had the gall to profit from something so low and vile (I hope he is burning in hell right now for that). If Traynor is alive today, you can bet on the fact that he would be hounded, hurled insults and getting threats of being pounded to a pulp daily by those who do not condone what he did to Lovelace. Last but not least, he deserves to be called a monster for the rest of eternity. Before I go any further all I can say is that hardcore pornography only creates an unrealistic view for people to think it is acceptable for women to be objectified and treated as sex objects.

What says you about the Linda Lovelace issue? Do you believe more things can be done to tackle this? Do you believe there should be stop against hardcore porn? Opinions are welcome

Happy Easter!

Hello everyone. I am so sorry for going AWOL for the past twoish months due to changes in work and life (Yes, I am a university student again) but I will try to find time blogging here every now and then until my time as a postgraduate student is officially over. Anyway, Happy Easter everybody.

Is it really worth jeopardising a future over a lie in a resume?

Hi everyone I am back again and I apologise for being away from the blogosphere for more than a month as I was taking time off blogging and especially at the midst of the SOPA and PIPA issue which took us internet users around the world by storm. Anyway, I am back and this time around would like to touch on the issue of lying. I don’t mean any lie but this sort of lie that involves a resume.

Lying on a resume is nothing new as it has been in the news every now and then such as cases mentioned in Alicia C. Shephard’s article on the Huffington Post. Or perhaps this famous Adam Wheeler scandal which was in the news very recently (you can read more here and here). However, my question as a blogger is this: is it really worth jeopardising one’s future over a lie in a resume when it comes to applying for a job. Unlike white lies, unfortunately, lying in a resume is a point of no return where that person will guarantee to have sleepless nights where he hopes that he would not be caught out or his luck will just simply run out when he gets found out thanks to a background check and some suspicion. Once that person gets caught out, he can kiss his future goodbye and be humiliated for the rest of his life or worse of all, face the consequences of his action in the form of jail time or a lawsuit from the company he lied to.

However, this kind of lying does not just apply to job applicants alone but also it goes the same to those who lie in their resume (and also on their social networking pages) when they try to enter university or college for a course they are applying for. A few examples of university applicants lying their way into the doors of universities and colleges would include doctoring college/university entrance scores, forging letters of recommendations and academic transcripts or even falsifying claims about one’s employment history.

I know of a real-life example of someone who lies in her both her resume and her social networking profile. This person, let’s call her J, happens to be a former flatmate (and a very toxic frenemy) of one particular friend who left her job with a black mark in her employment record. So why the black mark in her employment record? It is because J has an attitude problem (stemming back from her days flatting as a university student) which made her unpopular with her fellow work colleagues and the people she served. When she left that job, she came home to my friend’s hometown (as she happens to be from the same hometown as my friend) and tried to apply for other jobs but to no avail because of the black mark she sustained due to her bad behaviour in the workplace. Then, J saw a postgraduate course at a prestigious university somewhere in Europe as her a second chance for her and her career only to find that she had to fulfill some criteria in order to enter that course. So out of desperation (from what we were told) she made a false claim on her application and her resume (somehow with a help of a friend it seems) that she worked as a tutor at some college in her hometown to make her application into that postgraduate course easier just to cover the fact that she was unemployed for months with a black mark in her previous employment. That was not all, she had the gall to lie on her social networking page too with that so-called tutor job just to inflate her ego and make herself look bigger than the people whom she deems as threats to her. J lived with that lie for more than a year until we heard in the grapevine recently that some people dobbed her in to the university for lying. As a result, the university was prompted to do a thorough background check on J. To cut the story short, J (along with her deflated ego) altered her social networking profile by omitting that false claim knowing that she has been caught red-handed by a few people who would not stand by and allow her to get away with lying. As far as we know, J’s future is now in jeopardy due to her undoing. Anyway, we do not know what is happening between her and the university but the case of J is a cautionary lesson every graduate and job applicant should take seriously. Once again, lying on a resume is truly not worth it when one’s future in the employment world hangs in the balance.

What says you about the issue of people lying in their resumes whether to apply for a job or for a course? Do you believe companies and tertiary institutes need to do thorough checks on applicants as well as getting tough on people who lie on their resumes especially those who lie about their qualifications and work history? Have you heard or known someone who lied in their resume? Opinions are welcome.

How a child abuse case in New Zealand shocked a nation: The case of a little girl who has been let down

Merry Christmas to everyone and I hope you all had a wonderful time with your family and friends. To those out on the road, be safe and have fun. Anyway, today’s blog post gives me the opportunity to talk about a child abuse case which left the New Zealand nation reeling in shock and anger but also left some of us around the world wondering how can that little girl (called ‘M’ to protect her identity and privacy) be let down to the point that her mother (an unfit parent) was allowed to abuse her over and over again for so long and too long. To those who have yet to know about the case, here is the New Zealand Herald article.

Thankfully, the little girl had been saved by the authorities, however, this case has prompted many to wonder how can a bunch of grown-ups and a system let her down. But then again, we cannot just blame the system alone for failing her. As a blogger, I cannot help but wonder what kind of monster would dare to hurt her own flesh and blood when she was supposed to care, protect and nurture her. Let alone a helpless little girl who could not defend herself from any danger. The more I read about that unfit mother in articles such as this, this and this, it makes me feel so sorry for the little girl and her brother to be born to one person who only cares about herself and never for them. What this mother had left on those children are long-term emotional, physical and mental scars that will take many years of counselling, support and therapy. She has robbed those children of their childhood, their innocence and their rights to be protected from any form of harm. No child should ever go through what they had endured for long. Secondly, I hope those children will be placed in a kind and loving adoptive family who can love them and help them to start anew. Personally, those two children are better off permanently adopted rather be put and transferred into different foster families repeatedly throughout the remainder of their childhood and their upcoming adolescence years.

As for the mother, I don’t even know her but something tells me that she may or might have had been from a dysfunctional or broken family background herself. However, that does not give her every divine right and excuse to abuse her own flesh and blood to the point of damage and fear. No sane parent would ever scribble profanity on their child’s body or assault a helpless child with a machete or a hammer. Secondly, I want to point out that not all people from dysfunctional or abusive families turn out to be abusers and monsters. There are some who are determined to break the cycle of abuse and be good parents who can love, protect and nurture their children. As a blogger, I sometimes get the feeling that the mother might be an exploitative and selfish person who wants the attention to herself even at the expense of her own children. Personally, she sits in the same level with Diane Downs (the notorious unfit mother who shot her own three children) and other unfit parents out there. Lastly, this child abuse case prompts us to stop thinking ‘this is not our problem’ and we should be a bit of a busybody when it comes to tackling child abuse in our own backyards. Enough of keeping quiet and pretending that it is none of our business when child abuse exists in our neighbourhood or close to home.

As an individual, if I had my own way (this is just my opinion and my wishful thinking) I rather if that abusive mother is not given any name suppression and be named and shamed so that the public and the world will know who is this world’s most unfit and monstrous mother to ever walk on New Zealand soil and this planet. Secondly (again, it is my wishful thinking), she does not deserve to be a mother and should have been sterilised. That woman is better off sent awaycri and throw away the key for life since seven and a half years imprisonment is not going to change her for better.

Anyway, what says you about this child abuse issue? Do you believe the little girl, ‘M’, deserves better and needs help to allow her and her brother to heal? What do you think or believe needs to be done to prevent another case like this from happening again? Do you think seven and a half years of imprisonment of her mother is not enough? Do you think or believe her mother should be named and shamed? Opinions are welcome!

Save the internet: Imagine if a law that censors the internet comes true

Hello, everybody! I am sorry that I vanished for a while due to matters I need to attend to when I am not in front of the computer screen. Anyway, I am back and today I want to bring up an interesting issue which not only caught my attention but also left me and my friends discussing and questioning. Without any delay, take a look at Avaaz’s link. And try ponder on it for a few moments.

This link was recommended by a friend of mine and after reading through it, I was left reeling in shock. Oh. My. Goodness. What sort of dumb law would give powerful men and women or a group the power to censor the Internet to the point of creating a blacklist that can clamp down on the free web for everyone in this entire planet. As a blogger, I cannot help but wonder if this law comes into power I bet the world is going to go back to the Dark Age (I don’t mean medieval Dark Age but actually a technology and communication Dark Age).

It does not take a rocket scientist to tell any of us what happens if this law goes into power and therefore, I have already signed that global petition set by Avaaz. Yes, it is definitely a global petition where anyone on Planet Earth can start signing. If interested, come forward, sign it, pass it on and tell your friends, family or even acquaintances about it. So, fingers crossed and let us all hope that it is the people that hath spoken to sign the global petition and fight to take a stand for free and open Internet. Last but not least, I believe having a free and open Internet is crucial to protect our democracies worldwide.

What says you about this Avaaz global petition? Do you believe or agree that a law which clamps down on free web is detrimental for everyone? Do you think that Internet censorship should not go to extreme? Opinions are welcomed.

Very concerning issue: The case of the 11-year-old boy who ranted against his maid on Facebook

About two days ago, a very interesting feature on AsiaOne’s Edvantage not only would leave netizens (Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans alike) reeling in shock and concern but also leave us questioning where were the parents when that 11-year-old child (erm I mean brat) ranted against his maid on Facebook in an obscene manner. If you think a bunch of teenagers would be the only one doing it on social networking sites, think again. This is an 11-year-old kid, allegedly from a top primary school in Bishan as reported by Edvantage, we are talking about has a filthy mouth and mind worth washing and scrubbing out with soap.

Since the issue has been mentioned in Stomp and within cyberspace, the kid’s post got what he truly deserves: a flurry of comments condemning his behaviour. At least this shows that there are some well-mannered netizens out there who will not tolerate his behaviour. As a blogger, I feel sorry for his parents if word not only gets out but also I bet they would not dare to show their faces in public over what their son did. If that boy was my son, he is going to get a clipping from his parent, a lecture on the importance of netiquette and grounding him from using the Internet until he truly understands that good manners still apply in cyberspace (and it is not private as we all think) whether he likes it or not. That boy may never have fully understood the phrase “Internet is forever” because whatever he posts on Facebook he does not realise that any post will not only reflect his true colours as a person but also it will haunt him later on and for the rest of his life when he tries to enter the world of employment (Imagine his potential employers snooping in cyberspace and reading up his Facebook Wall ten or fifteen years from now).

However, the issue on the boy’s vulgar rants against his maid on Facebook do address the needs for teaching youngsters about the importance of netiquette in cyberspace and social networking sites. At the same time, all parents (doesn’t matter if they are Baby Boomers and are not part of the Net Generation) need to be familiarised with the Internet and play a role to ensure that children not only maintain good manners online but also teach them the consequences of posting a vulgar or obscene rant on a Facebook Wall page.

What says you about the issue of the 11-year-old Singaporean boy who posted this unacceptable rant on Facebook? Do you believe there is a need to teach youngsters about netiquette? Opinions are welcome!

The Ashlynn Conner’s tragedy and the need to address the issue of bullying

This article from MSN just appeared on Google a while ago which is not just worth a mention but also something to talk about. As a blogger, I feel sad and angry at the same time that a 10-year-old girl was driven to suicide. It was not homework pressure or the pressure to excel in academics and non-academics that drove this girl to kill herself. It was bullying. Therefore, my heart goes out to her family for their tragic loss.

I too was a victim of bullying growing up in the 1990s and 2000. As a former victim, I can tell you that bullying not just robs a person his or her happiness or self-esteem but also it robs him or her the right to feel safe and secure in a classroom environment. Secondly, to be bullied all the time made one feel that life was not worth living as well. Now as a young adult in 2011, I am no longer in primary and high school but I cannot say the same for this day and age as bullying is still rife. That is not all, suicide driven by bullying is on the rise and don’t be so surprised if the statistics get younger.

Ashlynn deserved better than to be verbally abused and face cruel taunts daily to the point that she could no longer feel that life is worth living. Ashlynn had dreams like every other kid. She had dreams to become a veterinarian because of her love for stray cats. Sadly, she can never have her dream nor will her parents be able to watch her grow up, graduate from high school, attend university and have her own future. Why? It is all because of bullying and the three teachers who did nothing to put a stop to those bullies’ antics and accused her for being a tattler.

Having just read the Chicago Tribune that powder-blue balloons (each carrying a note) were released during Ashlynn’s wake showed that she had people who loved and cared so much about her. As for the nasty kids who taunted and bullied her, well, they should be feeling sorry for themselves because they caused the death of someone’s child and sister. If they don’t feel sorry for themselves and their actions, sad to say they have no conscience. As for those three teachers, they are incompetent and they are better off out of the class for good after putting a stop on Ashlyyn’s attempt to end the bullying. At the same time, her tragic death shows there is a need to address the issue of bullying. Bullying can affect anyone and its impact touches on both the victims and their loved ones.

What says you about Ashlynn Conner’s tragic suicide? Do you believe her death is a need to address the issue of bullying in schools? Do you think teachers should also not only recognise the signs of bullying but also take action in helping bully victims? Opinions are welcome.

Ricky Hui: Hong Kong legend gone too soon but never forgotten

Today I blog after having heard the news yesterday that a Hong Kong comedian legend has sadly passed away from heart attack. When I went online, the headlines from AsiaOne revealed it was none other than Ricky Hui (3 August 1946 – 8 November 2011)! As a blogger, I am not here to talk about his sudden demise but to talk about the fact he is never forgotten for his talent as a funnyman among the Hui brothers (that makes Michael, Ricky and Sam) and his contribution to the Hong Kong entertainment industry in the 1970s and 1980s.

Alright, I will admit one thing though: I happen to be a Hui brothers fan when I was growing up as a child where their movies such as The Private Eyes (1976) and Front Page (1990) would leave me in stitches with their gags and humourous antics on screen. Despite the fact that I am in my late twenties, their gags, humour and slapstick comedy from their movies has never failed to entertainment and make me laugh. And yes, it will be that way for as long as I am alive while I watch their movies on DVDs or the occasional reruns.

Anyway, before I go off-topic, let’s focus something on the late but legendary Ricky Hui. Although he may lacked in the good looks department, his ability to make people laugh and be funny along with his brothers, Michael and Sam, and his fellow castmates onscreen is a great but true talent that not so many people can do as beautifully as Ricky. Here is something very interesting that not many people know about Ricky Hui. Prior to entering the film career, he used to work as a correspondent for Agence France-Presse (AFP) as mentioned in the Hong Kong Cinemagic website. That is not all, he sang and wrote songs too (he did some collaborations with his brother Sam with songwriting and did guest appearances in Sam Hui’s concerts). Truly talented and intelligent fellow he was, don’t you think? Although he is gone too soon, he is never forgotten and he is loved by his family (as reported here) and his fans in Hong Kong and abroad. I believe he leaves a lasting legacy on both the Hong Kong entertainment industry and also he is an inspiration to those doing comedy. Lastly, I believe a posthumous lifetime achievement award should be awarded for his contributions on the entertainment industry in Hong Kong.