I am back again with another post since the last post on the Bersih 2.0 rally in Kuala Lumpur last week. Today, this article straight from New Zealand Herald says it all when 30 people are reported to have gathered outside Royal Oak’s Pak n Save in Auckland last Saturday (the same day when the rally happened in Malaysia) to push for electoral reform in their home country.

According to the writings of Lincoln Tan in the article, Malaysians everywhere, regardless whether they are based in Malaysia or overseas are sick and tired with corruption and vote-buying which have been around for too long. As a blogger, I couldn’t agree more with the words of the New Zealand journalist and I truly understand the Malaysians, young and old alike, are crying “Enough is enough! Off with corruption. We want a reformation”. However, I do understand there will be some people out there branding those rallying for change as trouble makers. Say whatever you want and call them whatever names you can take from a book but I can say it loud and clear that corruption has no place in any country and the world needs to know that corruption still exists in Malaysia (therefore, no use denying it). Secondly, you can deny all you want and keep calling names on those rallying for change but have you actually stop to think and understand the real truth that your country is corrupted. Deny all you can but you cannot deny the fact that there are other people outside Malaysia who know the real truth of what is happening in the country behind all the censorship and sugar coating on the media.

People rallying for electoral reforms are not and never trouble makers when they want what is best for their countrymen, themselves, their children and the country. To Malaysians praying, hoping and crying for change everywhere, I am with you on this and do not give up. I hope that you will not only see the day that change will come for you and your fellow countrymen but also put an end to corrupted politicians playing dirty in elections and giving more empty promises. Be strong and stay united.