Recently, someone just told me that a divorced woman, let’s call her K for privacy issues, has been hunting herself for a rich man in town. Before you think K looking for someone to share her life with and start anew after a previous marriage has gone to shambles, what if I say that rumour has it that the woman happens to be a mother of two grown kids who is dating and having an affair with someone’s husband and terribly willing to act like a street hooker just to get what she wants. If you are reading on right now, here is something more juicy to note: K is in her mid to late forties who is hoping to bag herself a married but rich man so that she can maintain her ‘lavish’ lifestyle surrounded by designer goods, expensive killer heels, make-up and her appointments at fancy-schmancy places that make her feel and look A-list to those she deem as average or ugly (Info: before her divorce, she was an arrogant, back-stabbing woman and a braggart too (always comparing her kids against people’s kids and comparing herself with other women as if she is comparing apples with oranges) but after the divorce, she appeared more like a ‘eating humble pie’ woman but it is only a matter of time if she goes back to being her mean self again)

Before you start saying what she is doing is considered uncool, well, she is definitely doing something very, very unacceptable and I cannot help but pity the man’s poor wife who is not just the innocent victim but also clueless about what her husband is doing under her nose. Today, I would like to touch on the issue of how some divorced and, sometimes, newly separated women turn to becoming gold digger mistresses. Every and now then, I hear of ‘horror’ stories from my friends and loved ones about how some desperate women just like K would do anything to keep their lavish lifestyles even if it would mean having an affair with rich and married men. Sadly, in many cases, most gold digger mistresses are a bunch of lazy slobs (sorry to say this but it is the truth), who either never work in a day’s life or wish to never work in a crummy job again, be it at the desk or waiting tables, always use their looks and charm to help them gain a rich, married potential who is seen as an instant guarantee to a wealthy, lavish lifestyle even if it would mean settling for being a mistress. To ladies considering out there, we all know that physical beauty don’t last forever and won’t get you to anyway, doesn’t matter if you are single, married or divorced. Some of you may disagree all you like but I believe having a bit of a brain and some transferable skills are handy enough to get you by in life, good or bad times, rather than do the lowliest role on the planet called the gold digging mistress.

As a blogger, I am not here to judge these women whatsoever but what they are doing is not just destructive to their kids and the married men’s families but also to themselves. Is becoming a gold digger mistress really worth it once one is caught out followed by the pain and drama? I don’t think so! Women like K do not think of the consequences of their actions no thanks to their desparate, materialistic minds when they think about staying in the A-list life which they did not work and gain for themselves to gain through merit. Then again, it makes me wonder what would K’s kids say if they find out sooner or later the fact that their mother is a gold digger mistress.

What says you about the issue of desperate divorcees becoming gold digger mistresses?  Do you happen to have heard or known one in your town?