I am now back on the bullying issue since Casey Heynes made a bit of a mention in my previous entry, A wake up call we truly need: The issue of bullying. Before I start, I would like to say many thanks to those who had their say about bullying. Today, I want to share some very recent articles which have happened post-Casey Heynes and once again, put bullying in the media and public spotlight.

This time around the bullying happened at a girls’ school in Wanganui, New Zealand and here is the article. That is not all, here two more articles, Article 1 and Article 2, that not only highlighted the severity of the bullying incident but also left many readers, young and old alike, shocking, appalled and concerned all at the same time. As a blogger, I agree that what the girl was subjected to is not only horrific but also left me appalled at the actions of the bully who stomped and kicked her. Again, I cannot help but feel sorry for the victim having read this on The New Zealand Herald knowing that her ordeal is not over for her as the bully has become more monstrous than ever by giving the victim no choice but to leave the town and start afresh out of her safety.

As a result of the bullying incident, many in New Zealand have begun to question whether kids need to fight back or just turn the other cheek when they are bullied like what is written in that updated article which also made a mention about Michaela Blaauw’s  ordeal, which happened last year, with a bunch of mean bullies at her previous school, Howick College, in Auckland. Therefore, I want to question if we, in New Zealand and around the world, are really doing enough to put a stop to bullying and making sure that all kids are safe in school.

Before I go on further, I want to say to the victim (I may not know you but if you are reading the blog post) and her family this: stay strong and I am sorry to read about what you had been through. And I wish you and your family all the best wherever you will be starting anew outside Wanganui. As for the bully from Wanganui Girls’ College (you know who you really are), shame on you being for a mean bully and you got no right to pick on someone who has every right to be safe in school from any harm. No thanks to you, your victim is living in fear and pain and because of you, she is given no choice but to move away from Wanganui for her safety’s sake. That is not all, you truly need therapy and counselling before you become tomorrow’s monster of society who will have to face the legal court and answer to God for your bullying antics. To Wanganui Girls’ College and all schools in New Zealand and around the world, I hope you will not only take a stand against bullying so that the same incident will never repeat again but show those bullies that you will not condone their actions.

Last but not least, a read-worthy opinion from Kerre Woodham has said it perfectly well about what she thinks towards bullying.