Since my previous entries, Teachers who bully: When classroom lessons become a child’s nightmare, and, Some articles and a letter worth a read in regards to sadistic teachers who bully and make classroom lessons a nightmare for a child, had touched on bully teachers, an interesting article reporting all the way from America caught my attention and prompted me to share this with everyone. If you think that bully teachers only bully behind closed doors in the classroom, unfortunately, the case involving a primary school teacher from New Jersey has shown that any teacher who bullies is now capable to turn to a social networking site to reveal her or his true colours in cyberspace when parents are often not looking: a mean person with no passion towards teaching and children (Does make me question why did she choose teaching as a job in the first place when she behaves like a real jackass behind the four walls of her home and in front of her computer screen.)

In that New Jersey primary school teacher case, she had not just shown her true colours but also made the biggest blunder in her entire life: getting her just desserts instantly in the form of upset and concerned parents demanding that she is removed from that class once she aired her ugly side for everyone to see on Facebook (Personally, I think that class full of 6- and 7-year-old kids deserves a loving and caring teacher rather than have a mean person carry on teaching them).  Having read what the Board of Education President said that one cannot simply fire someone for what they have on a Facebook page unless if it affects an entire class of children, I do not agree with his statement. What she had done on the social networking site is not just considered as cyberbullying but also would potentially jeopardise her career and reputation later on. Secondly, if I was the Board of Education President, I rather officially declare that she not only loses her job but also see that she loses her teaching licence as well as earning a blacklist from teaching for life (and that would be a be-fitting just desserts for her). As a blogger, I believe that New Jersey teacher will not be the first or last monster teacher who makes degrading comments towards his/her students on a social networking site. Last but not least, to that New Jersey teacher (you know who you are): what you did shows that you are no better than a mean female high school student who turns to Facebook or MSN to cyberbully a fellow student. I think you are better off not teaching anymore if you had known pretty well that you would land in hot water for what you wrote on your Facebook page. Labelling your students as future criminals on Facebook is disrespectful and rude.

What says you about the issue of the New Jersey teacher who made derogatory comments towards her students on Facebook? Do you think she deserves to be suspended, be slapped with a warning and later be allowed back to teach after serving her suspension? Or do you believe she is better off being sacked from her job and banned from teaching for life? What do you think needs to be done to bully teachers who make negative comments on their students on social networking sites? Opinions are welcomed (but no profanity please!)