It has been three weeks since we entered 2011 and now I want to take the opportunity to talk about one very mind-opening but ugly issue that has been leaving sensible parents and concerned people like myself feeling angry and concerned all rolled in one time and again. Recently, having caught some snippets of Toddlers and Tiaras via Youtube leaves me wondering how these poor girls can be stuck with very stupid parents who think it is okay to put tons of makeup, hair dyes, fake tan and adult-like (or should I say tarty) dresses onto their daughters.

Those parents can claim that child beauty pageants help to bolster their little girls’ confidence and teach them how to woo the judges with their cuteness as the X-factor of the competition but I have to say otherwise. Putting their little girls into some Little Miss Cutie pageant or should I best call that the Little Miss Freakshow pageant (you gotta thank Lie to Me’s Dr Cal Lightman for that ‘Miss Freakshow’ term) is the stupidest decision that no sane and sensible parent would allow that to happen. Not in a million years if they know their daughters are best being left alone to enjoy their childhoods without any makeup, superficial expectations and tiaras shoved into their cute faces. What’s more, I think those dumb parents are using their daughters just to attain fame, money and attention. Who are the ones getting those attention? Not the girls, the blooming parents!

They can think that child beauty pageants are golden or platinum tickets to money and possible stardom, but don’t these parents ever stop to realise they are doing more damage than good on their girls? It is just laughable to hear some parents justifying why they allow their little girls to be dressed in skimpy pageant costumes by claiming that they never had the chance to wear such clothes as children themselves. To hear them claim that child beauty pageants are perfect places for them to be discovered as stars of the future who wiggle their butts and do suggestive dance routines for the judges are just so wrong. They can justify all they like until the cows come home, the truth is, they are only making their daughters look like fresh meat for paedophiles. Quoting Dr Nancy Irwin who was featured in this Fox News article , she is right with the fact that child beauty pageants are all about sexualising children.  Don’t you think it is sickening to imagine some dirty old men pleasuring themselves while watching a video footage of a girl competing in one Little Miss Freakshow pageant? It is just wrong and gross in all levels.

Another reason why child beauty pageants are nothing but loads of rubbish are because those girls are not taught anything to do with positive emotional-intellectual qualities which are essential for the development of young girls. Child beauty pageants only teach girls a narrow view on beauty where they learn it is acceptable to use their bodies to eke out a living or think that their bodies can be changed in order to be judged as beautiful. This is not teaching little girls about using their brains and skills to define themselves as individuals. Call me every name in the book but child beauty pageants are roads to ruin for little girls who are exploited by their parents. Do these parents realise they are actually abusing their daughters rather bringing out the best of them? Therefore, I hate to say this but I think those parents do not deserve to be parents to those girls in the first place and I pity those poor girls.

This open letter written by Melissa Atkins Wardy provides many excellent points on the ugly side of child beauty pageants everything from early sexualisation to exploitative parents. The APA Taskforce also proves the fact that early sexualisation of girls is terribly damaging later in life. Voila, the proof is right here in this read-worthy pudding I found. Anyway, folks, what says you about the issue of Little Miss Freakshow pageants for children in this day and age? You are welcome to have your say and let’s hear it!