It has been 24 days since we entered 2011 and today’s blog gives me the opportunity to breathe my say about history’s worst ever girl power television show (which I am glad (well make that I was rejoicing) that its sequel in the cinemas last year ended up as a total box office flop). If you don’t know what am I talking about, it is Sex and the City. Call me every name in the book or hate me all you like, but as a female television viewer, I am sorry to say Sex and the City is the dumbest television show ever to exist and it always negatively stereotypes women all the time.

When it first came on air in 1998, I was barely 15 years old and back then, as a really naive kid that time, I wanted to watch it but my parents stopped me for a very good reason. A few years later, when I was about 20 or 21, I decided to find out what made that show appealing to girls and women. So, I watched one episode of that show and it didn’t even impress me at all after ten minutes that I ended up flipping the channels to watch some police drama and music shows instead. Looking back that time, my parents made the right choice of stopping me in the first place. Man, am I glad that I just don’t find Carrie Bradshaw and company really all that great.

The reasons why I dislike Sex and the City to the hilt are:

1.) It gives educated and independent women a bad name

Call me old-fashioned, the unrealistic portrayal of educated and independent women like Carrie Bradshaw and Samantha Jones as materialistic, selfish, needy,sex-crazed, whiny and slutty women really put us modern girls and women in a very bad light.  What is so good about talking about fashion, men and sex 24-7 anyway? Give me Dr. Temperance Brennan from Bones and Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds anytime for me to go awe over rather than put up with shallow and daft bimbos like Carrie Bradshaw and Samantha Jones who are nothing but bad role models to women and girls.

2.) It shows that it is okay to be mean and selfish towards friends

Carrie Bradshaw is a very bad friend who doesn’t even give a care about their feelings and only cares about herself. Like for example, there is one episode where Carrie demands money for an apartment from her close friend, Charlotte. Or when she threw a bratty fit all because her friend (portrayed by Tatum O’Neal in one episode) told her that she was being irresponsible to spend $485 unnecessarily over shoes when the money could have gone to other things like food, bus fares and other basic needs.The word narcissism is definitely written all over Carrie’s face.

3.) It shows that women can treat men like used tissues

It is blatantly obvious to see that Carrie Bradshaw treats men like used goods and always never satisfied in bed. She is just so pathetic for acting like a loose slut that she really needs to have a proper hobby to keep her mind occupied rather than being so hung up about how good or bad the men are in bed with her or how great is her casual sex life.

4.) It shows that it is okay to be a homewrecker

Carrie is not just a slut but also she is a homewrecker who is willing to break up people’s relationships all for the sake of lust and selfishness.

5.) It portrays that women only love shoes and other designer goods

Hello, Carrie is nothing but a narrow and negative portrayal of modern women as materialistic and shallow creatures who only care about shoes and all things designer labels and luxurious. I maybe a female but I don’t find designer labels all that appealing at all.

6.) It shows that it is okay to be as insecure and covetous as Carrie

Over and over again, the show is all about how insecure Carrie is and how much covets what her friends have. This woman sure has a chip on the shoulder and by the look of it, she is and will always never be satisfied with everything in life. If women emulate her covetous behaviour, I cannot help but feel sorry how pathetic they are.

7.) It shows how it is okay to think that the world revolves around you

The show is about how Carrie thinks the world revolves around her where she throws a fit over trivial things like her coffee is not hot enough as one of the examples. Carrie, the world does NOT revolve around you and it doesn’t owe you anything at all. Perhaps Carrie Bradshaw needs is a reality check. If any female thinks the same way as Carrie Bradshaw, well, shame on her!

Last but not least, Chris Noth’s quote regarding Sex and the City 2 being a box office flop in 2010, “It is over. The franchise is dead. The press killed it”, does ring true and boy, am I glad that Sex and the City is definitely dead which leaves me smiling all the way. Who needs to contend with Carrie Bradshaw and company any longer anyway?

Anyway, what says you about this? Feel free to say what you think and your opinions are welcomed.