Less than two weeks ago, I talked about why I don’t find child beauty pageants appealing in my previous entry, Little Miss Freakshow: Why beauty pageants for children are not very cute at all. Now I am back to talk about what I read on some blogs and articles and having watched a clip from Youtube which shown a five-year-old having her eyebrows waxed on one episode of  Toddlers & Tiaras recently. Five years old?!! Don’t you think that is too young to get waxing done on the eyebrows? If that girl is at least sixteen or seventeen years of age, that is fine. But five years old, that is unacceptable especially when she cannot endure the pain of having wax strips ripped off her skin.  If you watch the clip, you cannot help but feel sorry that little five-year-old  has a mother who is stupid and has no common sense whatsoever (How I wish social services pay that woman a visit and tell her that she is one unfit parent to that child)

Or how about when a child, let along a fifteen-month-old toddler has been spray-tanned and dolled make-up which has a mention in this Mommy mentions blog recently. For crying out loud, this little toddler is already made to be as fake as some kind of perfectly made plastic doll than a real cute little girl. If you think those mothers are the only ones who are the neurotic, attention-seeking pageant parents you just wish you can give a piece of your mind to them, there are also rare cases of the dads being the pageant parents too. This dad mentioned in the Daily Mail online happens to be one of them. Seeing the article photos of his daughter decked out in fake nails, make-up, hair extensions and fake tan for a child beauty pageant would just leave you in shivers and wondering how can she be allowed to look older and more fake rather than innocent and cute.

Those parents can claim that their daughters ask for the waxing and tanning to be done, but hello, that is a lame excuse. Or some parents would claim that it is for their own good. Again, stupid excuse. Those people are the parents and they are supposed to be the ones who put their feet down, keep the common sense in them and let their daughters be little girls as long as they are still kids. It is not them that ask for the waxing and tanning, it is them that want that. They can claim that it is all for their own good but for goodness sake, why don’t they just let them be kids who should be doing age-appropriate activities rather than make them be mini-adults living through their dreams? Sad to say some parents have no idea that they are actually turning these little girls into some kind fresh meat for some dirty old man to ogle over (that is just sickening if you ask me).

Making a child getting her eyebrows waxed or undergoing spray tanning sessions is wrong especially when she is not old enough to make informed decisions. To me it is abuse and sexualisation of a child, however, there will be some people thinking I am being old-fashioned. No, I don’t think so and I can say common sense still rules. We should not be forcing a child to grow up fast all in the name of perfection and vanity.

So, what says you about this? Do you think eyebrow waxing for a child, especially for a five-year-old, is unacceptable? Do you also think spraying fake tan on a child is also wrong and unnatural?