We see and hear it more often than ever. Be it on the Internet or even in the media. In case you have no idea what I am talking about, it is pornography or simply short, porn. Today, I am bringing up the issue of children being exposed to pornography after have read a Daily Mail article written by Tanith Carey (whose up and coming book, Where Has My Little Girl Gone? How To Protect Your Daughter From Growing Up Too, is worth watching out and reading if you visit your local bookstore or library somewhere in 2011) a few days ago (25 April 2011).

As a child growing up in the eighties and nineties (before and during the Internet age), I was never exposed to pornography all thanks to my parents who made sure I was brought up properly. In this day and age, sadly, I cannot say the same for many children growing up in the 21st century. Every now and then, I have heard the occasional ‘horror’ stories from my friends and concerned parents about children being exposed to pornography on the Internet or in the media. Hello, we are talking about children here and they are supposed to watching some proper kids’ show, not some inappropriate, X-rated show which showcase some women or men being naughty onscreen for real in front of the camera or hanging out their bits and pieces for everyone to see.

Anyway, I am not going to go on longer about this issue. What says you about the issue of children being to pornography on the Internet and media in this day and age? What do you believe needs to be done to shield children from pornography exposure? Who or what should be blamed for allowing children nowadays to be exposed to pornography? Opinions are welcomed (but no profanity please)