After watching an episode of Special Victims Unit Season 12 simply titled as ‘Possessed’ which made a small reference about the issue of publication of  ‘how to’ books for paedophiles and (shockingly!) child porn literature, I was prompted to Google a crime news piece which took the world and America by storm (sort of) on 21 December 2010. I understand it is almost 5 months late, but here is the online article from If you think CNN is the only one with the article, how about try this from UK’s The Daily Mail. Or this from New York Daily News.

As a blogger, I have to say what Phillip R. Greaves did is not just considered disgusting (no, let’s make that abominable) and unacceptable for writing up the most disgusting ‘how-to’ book which aims to hurt more children and encourage monsters to justify hurting a child as love (No, it is not and NEVER love since these sort of people only care about destroying children and stealing their childhoods all to fulfill their disgusting fantasies). Honestly, paedophiles are just sick and repulsive people who have no place in any society when we care about children’s safety the most. But thank goodness for the law enforcement and some concerned people online, the book has never seen the daylight. And thanks to boycotts too on according to a report from

There will be people disagreeing and saying it is a violation of Greaves’ right to publish his material, but what he did is considered against the law and society and I say his book is better off banned for eternity and kept away from any creep with ill intentions of harming a child. Who in the right mind would write up such a horrible how-to book in the first place? Recently, news has it that Greaves has been sentenced to two years’ probation according to BBC News. To be honest, two years’ probation is not enough for him. Lastly, every child has the right to be safe and kept safe from any form of harm and abuse.

Anyway, what says you about the issue that happened in December 2010? Do you believe what Phillip R. Greaves did is wrong? Do you believe that the law needs to get tougher on people who write obscene material such as how-to paedophilia-related books? Should online retailers do not tolerate such books as well as working with the law enforcement? Opinions are welcomed (but no profanity please!)