Two years ago, I wrote a blog post about teachers who bully and after having read an article from Asiaone’s Edvantage, it was time for me to get typing the moment my blood boiled over what I read. As a victim of a bully teacher years ago, my empathy and sympathy go to the little girl’s family who are hoping that justice will be served on that monster who traumatised her.

Sadly, justice was not meted out and the bully teacher got away with a probation all because the law considered her past. I beg your pardon, what sort of law would consider her past as an excuse to be given probation instead of jail time? I don’t care whether she has a past as a victim of sexual abuse or not, that teacher should be slapped with a jail sentence to serve as a lesson to others that society will not tolerate monsters like her who dare to destroy a child. Her past as a victim of abuse gives her no excuse to hurt this little girl.

As a reader and a member of the public, I cannot help but wonder what happens once this ‘teacher’ finishes her probation in 21 months time. Will she lay a finger on another child and destroy him or her like how she did to that kindergarten student? Will history repeats itself again on some unfortunate little child once she returns to teaching? Sad to say, the law is a joke by not meting out justice properly against that monster who does no deserve to teach. Since the law is not giving the little girl and her family the justice they want, that monster of a teacher will be judged once she meet her Maker to be judged when she kicks the bucket at her old age. She and others like her will have answer to God for what she had done to an innocent child.

To the family of that little girl, I want to say you are not alone in this pain and anguish because there are other victims like your child. As a former victim of a bully teacher, I can truly relate to your daughter and I don’t wish this to happen to anyone’s child. But do not give up in giving her unconditional love and moral support. Remember that you can seek counselling and therapy from child psychologists who are willing to help and listen. To the little girl, if you are reading this, remember this is never your fault. Whoever tells you that you asked for this to happen, they are wrong. No child like you should go through the pain and humiliation in the hands of a monster like that teacher.

As for the teacher, I have nothing nice to say to you. You are a monster who do not deserve to teach and you will repeat this abuse on another child someday. To tell the court that you were a victim of abuse just to get probation is nothing but an excuse. You should have been slapped with a jail sentence and a blacklist from the Singaporean teaching profession. Sadly, that is not the case. Do you have any idea what you have done to this little girl? Because of you, you have reduced her into a sad and frightened little shadow of herself. How would you like if you are hit, shoved and be made to strip naked? You won’t like it right. Since you got away with probation in this lifetime, I hope you will burn in hell for what you done to her.

The case involving a kindergarten teacher is an issue we all need to wake up and acknowledge that bully teachers still and do exist in this day and age. What says you about this issue? Do you think the law is not doing its job properly in dealing with this monster? Do you think this so-called teacher should have been jailed and stripped of her licence to teach? Do you believe the little girl and her family deserve justice to be on their side?