Merry Christmas to everyone and I hope you all had a wonderful time with your family and friends. To those out on the road, be safe and have fun. Anyway, today’s blog post gives me the opportunity to talk about a child abuse case which left the New Zealand nation reeling in shock and anger but also left some of us around the world wondering how can that little girl (called ‘M’ to protect her identity and privacy) be let down to the point that her mother (an unfit parent) was allowed to abuse her over and over again for so long and too long. To those who have yet to know about the case, here is the New Zealand Herald article.

Thankfully, the little girl had been saved by the authorities, however, this case has prompted many to wonder how can a bunch of grown-ups and a system let her down. But then again, we cannot just blame the system alone for failing her. As a blogger, I cannot help but wonder what kind of monster would dare to hurt her own flesh and blood when she was supposed to care, protect and nurture her. Let alone a helpless little girl who could not defend herself from any danger. The more I read about that unfit mother in articles such as this, this and this, it makes me feel so sorry for the little girl and her brother to be born to one person who only cares about herself and never for them. What this mother had left on those children are long-term emotional, physical and mental scars that will take many years of counselling, support and therapy. She has robbed those children of their childhood, their innocence and their rights to be protected from any form of harm. No child should ever go through what they had endured for long. Secondly, I hope those children will be placed in a kind and loving adoptive family who can love them and help them to start anew. Personally, those two children are better off permanently adopted rather be put and transferred into different foster families repeatedly throughout the remainder of their childhood and their upcoming adolescence years.

As for the mother, I don’t even know her but something tells me that she may or might have had been from a dysfunctional or broken family background herself. However, that does not give her every divine right and excuse to abuse her own flesh and blood to the point of damage and fear. No sane parent would ever scribble profanity on their child’s body or assault a helpless child with a machete or a hammer. Secondly, I want to point out that not all people from dysfunctional or abusive families turn out to be abusers and monsters. There are some who are determined to break the cycle of abuse and be good parents who can love, protect and nurture their children. As a blogger, I sometimes get the feeling that the mother might be an exploitative and selfish person who wants the attention to herself even at the expense of her own children. Personally, she sits in the same level with Diane Downs (the notorious unfit mother who shot her own three children) and other unfit parents out there. Lastly, this child abuse case prompts us to stop thinking ‘this is not our problem’ and we should be a bit of a busybody when it comes to tackling child abuse in our own backyards. Enough of keeping quiet and pretending that it is none of our business when child abuse exists in our neighbourhood or close to home.

As an individual, if I had my own way (this is just my opinion and my wishful thinking) I rather if that abusive mother is not given any name suppression and be named and shamed so that the public and the world will know who is this world’s most unfit and monstrous mother to ever walk on New Zealand soil and this planet. Secondly (again, it is my wishful thinking), she does not deserve to be a mother and should have been sterilised. That woman is better off sent awaycri and throw away the key for life since seven and a half years imprisonment is not going to change her for better.

Anyway, what says you about this child abuse issue? Do you believe the little girl, ‘M’, deserves better and needs help to allow her and her brother to heal? What do you think or believe needs to be done to prevent another case like this from happening again? Do you think seven and a half years of imprisonment of her mother is not enough? Do you think or believe her mother should be named and shamed? Opinions are welcome!