Hello, everybody! I am sorry that I vanished for a while due to matters I need to attend to when I am not in front of the computer screen. Anyway, I am back and today I want to bring up an interesting issue which not only caught my attention but also left me and my friends discussing and questioning. Without any delay, take a look at Avaaz’s link. And try ponder on it for a few moments.

This link was recommended by a friend of mine and after reading through it, I was left reeling in shock. Oh. My. Goodness. What sort of dumb law would give powerful men and women or a group the power to censor the Internet to the point of creating a blacklist that can clamp down on the free web for everyone in this entire planet. As a blogger, I cannot help but wonder if this law comes into power I bet the world is going to go back to the Dark Age (I don’t mean medieval Dark Age but actually a technology and communication Dark Age).

It does not take a rocket scientist to tell any of us what happens if this law goes into power and therefore, I have already signed that global petition set by Avaaz. Yes, it is definitely a global petition where anyone on Planet Earth can start signing. If interested, come forward, sign it, pass it on and tell your friends, family or even acquaintances about it. So, fingers crossed and let us all hope that it is the people that hath spoken to sign the global petition and fight to take a stand for free and open Internet. Last but not least, I believe having a free and open Internet is crucial to protect our democracies worldwide.

What says you about this Avaaz global petition? Do you believe or agree that a law which clamps down on free web is detrimental for everyone? Do you think that Internet censorship should not go to extreme? Opinions are welcomed.