This article from MSN just appeared on Google a while ago which is not just worth a mention but also something to talk about. As a blogger, I feel sad and angry at the same time that a 10-year-old girl was driven to suicide. It was not homework pressure or the pressure to excel in academics and non-academics that drove this girl to kill herself. It was bullying. Therefore, my heart goes out to her family for their tragic loss.

I too was a victim of bullying growing up in the 1990s and 2000. As a former victim, I can tell you that bullying not just robs a person his or her happiness or self-esteem but also it robs him or her the right to feel safe and secure in a classroom environment. Secondly, to be bullied all the time made one feel that life was not worth living as well. Now as a young adult in 2011, I am no longer in primary and high school but I cannot say the same for this day and age as bullying is still rife. That is not all, suicide driven by bullying is on the rise and don’t be so surprised if the statistics get younger.

Ashlynn deserved better than to be verbally abused and face cruel taunts daily to the point that she could no longer feel that life is worth living. Ashlynn had dreams like every other kid. She had dreams to become a veterinarian because of her love for stray cats. Sadly, she can never have her dream nor will her parents be able to watch her grow up, graduate from high school, attend university and have her own future. Why? It is all because of bullying and the three teachers who did nothing to put a stop to those bullies’ antics and accused her for being a tattler.

Having just read the Chicago Tribune that powder-blue balloons (each carrying a note) were released during Ashlynn’s wake showed that she had people who loved and cared so much about her. As for the nasty kids who taunted and bullied her, well, they should be feeling sorry for themselves because they caused the death of someone’s child and sister. If they don’t feel sorry for themselves and their actions, sad to say they have no conscience. As for those three teachers, they are incompetent and they are better off out of the class for good after putting a stop on Ashlyyn’s attempt to end the bullying. At the same time, her tragic death shows there is a need to address the issue of bullying. Bullying can affect anyone and its impact touches on both the victims and their loved ones.

What says you about Ashlynn Conner’s tragic suicide? Do you believe her death is a need to address the issue of bullying in schools? Do you think teachers should also not only recognise the signs of bullying but also take action in helping bully victims? Opinions are welcome.