Since I last blogged about the outcome of the PPSMI policy in my previous post, another reason why an update is made about it today. If you look at today’s The Star article you would understand what I mean. As a blogger, I cannot help but tip my hat to PAGE (Parent Action Group for Education Malaysia)  for making headlines once again for the right reasons on the behalf of Malaysian parents and students alike. PAGE are not alone as they along with JMM (Jaringan Melayu Malaysia) are hoping the Malaysian government would give Year One (seven years old) students in the option to learn science and mathematics in English.

Datin Noor Azimah Abdul Rahim has a point in regards to allowing those students to be able to understand mathematical and scientific terms in English, especially for those who opt to learn in English as a medium of instruction in the classroom. Although the Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, has been thanked for listening to parents in regards to the PPSMI issues, I believe he and those other government men should have done better than listening alone. If they want younger Malaysians to become fluent in English as well as stopping the deterioration of the standard of English, why don’t they just leave the PPSMI policy alone if they know pretty well that policy is going benefit many younger Malaysians in the long run. Or how about this, come up with a blooming referendum and a massive public survey to find out if Malaysian parents and students still want to learn both mathematics and science in English as a medium of instruction. If majority of the parents and students say yes to English as a medium of instruction for the learning of maths and sciences, then so be it. Let the PPSMI policy stay. If many parents and student say otherwise, perhaps the PPSMI policy can remain as an option for those wanting to learn maths and science in English.

What says you about PAGE and JMM’s view on giving Year One (seven years old) students the option to learn science and mathematics in English? Do you think it is a good idea? To those following the PPSMI policy issue in Malaysia, do you believe the policy need to stay? Do you think that the Malaysian government men should have done better in regards to the PPSMI policy? Opinions are welcome.