Since my recent blog post about Melissa Yoong’s message to the Malaysian Prime Minister in regards to the need for reconsidering on the PPSMI policy reversal, another PPSMI reversal issue has once again resurfaced in the news. This time around it is Malaysian parents urging the Malaysian government to stop and listen to their citizens once and for all as reported in this The Star’s article. Same goes for the other Star article showing how Malaysian parents are using Facebook to voice their concerns as well as hoping the Prime Minister will notice. With the power of social networking sites, it has proven that the power of citizens’ voices have said it well: keep the PPSMI within the Malaysian education system for the sake of their children and the younger generations of Malaysia.

As a blogger, I couldn’t agree more with the fact that the Malaysian government has to stop changing education policies according to their whims as if one is changing clothes everyday. Education policies are also not something one can experiment and change overnight in an instance. Secondly, I have to agree with the Malaysian parents having their say on retaining the PPSMI as an option in the Malaysian education system for their children. Malaysian parents are not the only ones wishing and hoping the PPSMI will stay even their kids are hoping too. Looks like the Melissa Yoong effect has rubbed it in on parents wanting the PPSMI to stay.

What says you about parents having their say on Facebook in regards to the PPSMI issue? Do you think or believe that the Malaysian government needs to listen for a change rather than simply change an education policy without consulting their citizens? Opinions are welcomed.