Since I last touched on the PPSMI issue in my previous post, a young girl’s message to the Malaysian Prime Minister (as featured in the Free Malaysia Today article) has proven that at least someone, a teenager, has made an excellent point that PPSMI policy reversal needs to be reconsidered carefully.

As a blogger, I believe Melissa Yoong is not the only one hoping and praying that the policy will stay not just for her but also for other Malaysian students learning Maths and Science in English. A girl like Melissa should not only be applauded for standing up and having her say for herself and the behalf of other students but also the Malaysian Prime Minister and his deputy truly need to listen and leave the PPSMI policy alone once and for all. What Melissa did has totally made sense that most grown-ups tend to take for granted. Secondly, in a world where some grown-ups can be a bunch of idiots, Melissa has proven all is not lost for those wishing that the PPSMI policy is retained in the Malaysian education system

To Malaysians who are backing Melissa’s messages to the Prime Minister and his deputy on Facebook, I cannot help but be pleased to know that you have shown your support to her and calling for the reconsideration on the PPSMI policy reversal. As for those Malaysians who kicked up a big fuss and scolded Melissa online for making her say, well, shame on you because you have no idea how important is English language for your children when globalisation is sweeping in every continent of the world. Last but not least, an education policy is something that one cannot go and change according to one’s whim and fancy as if one is changing clothes. Let the people speak and decide what is best for their children when it comes to the education policy.

What says you about Melissa making her statement on reconsidering the PPSMI policy reversal? Do you think she has made a point on behalf of many Malaysian students and herself to her country’s prime minister and deputy? Opinions are welcomed.