On the last day of September 2011, I would like to take the opportunity to talk about one subject most people would agree on: weddings. Weddings can be a great event for friends and family to attend to witness the union of a couple. However, I am not here to talk about weddings but actually about the issue of bridezillas. A bridezilla is often described as a difficult, unpleasant perfectionist bride according to Wikipedia. However, some of us would define a bridezilla as a combination of a spoilt brat and a bitchy, selfish diva-like woman who thinks the world revolves around her just because she is the bride of the wedding where she can do whatever she wants to the extent of hurting and driving her family and friends (including the future husband and the in-laws) up the wall. In fact, bridezillas have been mentioned through blogs and forums on the Internet such as iVillage as well as aired on shows like Bridezillas.

How do you tell if a bride is really a bridezilla? Good question. TLC Weddings’ site on Howstuffworks.com explains perfectly well about ten signs of a bride turning into a bridezilla. However, there are other signs of whether the blushing bride or someone’s wife-to-be is a bridezilla as below (according to what I found out based on real life accounts from other people):

  • She demands that properties e.g. houses, cars, or land, that are bought with her husband-to-be’s money, should be all under her name rather to be shared by both her and the groom.
  • She doesn’t want her future in-laws to attend her wedding all because she thinks they are interfering or getting in her way from marrying their son/brother/cousin
  • The bride acts like a real spoilt brat by demanding expensive wedding gifts
  • The bride insults her bridesmaids just because she thinks they will ‘outdo’ at her big day or she thinks the bridesmaids are too fat and ugly to make her wedding pictures pretty
  • The bride axes out the bridesmaids halfway or last minute through the wedding preparations all because she thinks the bridesmaids will ‘upstage’ her at the altar or wedding dinner.
  • Bullying the family’s or in-laws’ little children all because they didn’t ‘do a perfect job’ being the little flower girls or page boys during wedding rehearsal or on the big day
  • Cussing and picking fights over very trivial issues in regards to wedding plans
  • Having screaming matches with the parents just because she is the bride she can do whatever she wants what the budget for the wedding
  • Behaving like a thug or a low-class human being towards the wedding planner, wedding stylist, the florist, the wedding cake maker or the bridal dress shop owner when the bridezilla does not get her way like what was reported in this article in Mirror.co.uk about a year ago.
  • Having a meltdown and kicking up a tantrum over her body, hair and looks all because she thinks she is not a ‘perfect and beautiful’ bride on her big day.
  • Becomes competitive for no apparent reason thinking that her wedding will be the best ever ‘in the world’ where she could ‘upstage’ her friends’ and sisters’ weddings (past and present) as if holding a wedding is some sort of matter-of-life-and-death game where the winners take home the gold medal (Gold medal, my foot!)

I am sure there are some of you have or had a bad experience with a bridezilla who happens to be a friend, daughter, sister or an in-law and I bet that you would have wished you could have had shaken or talked some sense into the bridezilla before she did ‘more’ damage and embarassment. And some of you must have had been wondering what did their husband-to-bes see in them (and you must have had prayed that the marriage won’t be a marriage from hell after the wedding and honeymoon or perhaps pray that the bridezilla will be a good wife once the wedding is over). However, I believe some of you might have stood your ground and told her off that you will not take anymore of her bridezilla antics.

Anyway, I am not going to ramble further on and I will only say this once. To bridezillas out there (you know who you are), you give nice brides a bad name and you are only making fools out of yourselves. Just because you are the ‘star’ of the big, special day does not give you every right to act like a thug, a spoilt brat or a diva (or all three combinations) towards your in-laws, friends, family and the wedding planner.

What says you about bridezillas? Have you have or had an experience with one? What other signs do you believe one needs to watch out when a bride behaves very badly? What other bad behaviour have you heard or come across from a bridezilla? Opinions are welcome.