A few minutes ago, an article from The Daily Mail on how internet trolls make life a living hell for grieving families in United Kingdom has prompted a blogger like myself to not only talk about issue of ‘trolling’ but also point out how the internet is sometimes abused just to put a grieving family through unnecessary distress. In Carole Gelder’s case, it is a distress that she and her family should not have gone through all because of one insensitive and cruel person who had the gall to ‘troll’ the Facebook tribute page set up in memory of Lauren. At the same time, I give my applause to Michael Fitzpatrick who has diligently studied on the phenomenon RIP trolls.

What exactly drove him to investigate on RIP trolls? According to Daily Mail, it all began in 2006 when he stumbled upon an offensive (and disgusting) Youtube clip, posted by Sean Duffy, and later on finding groups of internet trolls on some Facebook memorial sites. Some people may finding Michael’s activity on studying the RIP trolls phenomenon as time-wasting but I don’t think so. He is dedicated in making sure that RIP trolls don’t get their highs from causing distress on grieving families although his role may involve some risk. Michael Fitzpatrick deserves a pat on the back for what he is doing when he cares the most about telling us the importance of having a heart to grieving families online as well as not abusing the internet.

To internet trolls out there (you know who you are), what gives you right to abuse the internet and cause unneccessary distress to grieving families and friends mourning their loved ones? How would you feel if you put yourselves in the positions of those grieving families just for one day where one has to face tribute pages on social networking sites being trolled every minute or everyday and having to face every nasty remark or insult about a dead loved one? Cyberspace is not there for you or anyone to harass or bully a grieving family. I hate to say this but you trolls are no better than a bunch of nasty schoolkids who cyberbully a fellow schoolmate to the point of breakdown. Anyway, I believe that there should be strict laws against internet trolls and perhaps make ‘trolling’ a very serious offence.

What says you about the issue of internet trolls especially RIP trolls? Do you believe Michael Fitzpatrick is doing a great job trailing on ‘trolls’ online? Do you think that ‘trolling’ should be recognised as a serious offence? Do you believe social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace should or need to do more in tackling internet ‘trolls’?