Some hours ago, an article in UK’s The Telegraph caught my attention involving the case of a girl who was subjected to three-and-a-half years of living hell by an online stalker. The online stalker I am talking about is no random stranger but, actually her own boyfriend! The Telegraph is not the only newspaper that reported this story even Guardian and The Daily Mail reported it too.  So did Huffington Post, Yahoo! New Zealand News and The Sun UK.

As a blogger, I have to say the Ruth Jeffery case is a case of harrassment by a nasty boyfriend gone to extreme. Being subjected to more than three years of online stalking hell is too much on Ruth. To Ruth and the Jeffery family, I am very sorry to read about the hell you had been through and I hope that justice is done on your behalf. Ruth, I want you to know that you are not alone as there are women and girls like you who have or had been through what you endured. Stay strong and remember that your story is now known to everyone around the world.

As for Shane Webber, shame on you! You got no right to harass Ruth until she became ill. You got no right to rob her of more than three years of happiness and peace just because she is pursuing a degree and doing something to better herself as a person in society. Who gives you right to abuse the internet just to break Ruth down? Shane, why don’t you put yourself in the shoes of any online stalking victim and tell me what does it feel like to be harassed and stalked in cyberspace all the time? Lastly, Shane, you are no better than a high school bully who turns to the internet to cyber bully a fellow classmate. The word sicko fits you perfectly well too.

Anyway, the Ruth and Shane case is a prime example that the law needs to get tough on online stalking (especially when nasty and controlling boyfriends are involved just like Shane Webber). Although I am not a law expert, I believe what Shane did to Ruth is considered a combination of crime and bullying. What says you about the Ruth Jeffery-Shane Webber case? Do you think that the law need to get tough on Shane and people like him? Do you believe that online stalking should be a crime just like cyber bullying? Opinions are welcomed (No profanity please, thanks!)