Six days ago, an interesting headline from UK’s The Daily Mail not only irked parents and non-parents alike but also leave many of us concerned. As a blogger, it made me wonder what on earth was this mother thinking?

The sight of seeing little Maddy dressed like a mini version of Marilyn Monroe in a pink Barbie dress with a platinum blonde wig, fake breasts and bottom padding is just sickening. What kind of message is her mother sending to people looking at this? Honestly, this is a case of a pageant parent stooping to the lowest low ever. For goodness sake, she is a kid and she does not need this sort of thing.

I understand there are parents who justify the pageant as normal as letting a kid compete in gymnastics or a music competition. Hello, putting on heavy make-up and forking out thousands of dollars making a little girl to look like a mini grown up for a beauty pageant is totally NOT normal. Secondly, those parents have crossed the line on playing dress-up. What says you about the Maddy Jackson issue? Do you think her mother has gone too far?