It has been more than a week since the death of Amy Winehouse (1983-2011) shocked United Kingdom and the world. When Amy died, the music industry not just lost a voice but also a voice of our generation. What’s more, she was someone’s daughter, sister, colleague and close friend.

Since my last post about the day when Amy died, an update about her duet prompted me to blog once more. Very recent news has it from The Daily Mail that Amy Winehouse’s duet (as well as her final recording) with the great Tony Bennett (from his up and coming Duets II album) will be released as charity single. According to reports, royalties from the song “Body and Soul, reported to be released around September 2011, will be going to the foundation set up in her name by her father, Mitch. As a blogger, I cannot  help but be touched by the fact that the royalties from a final recording of a great talent like Winehouse will be all done for a good cause: educating youth on the issue of drug abuse as well as providing support to people struggling with drug and substance abuse.

I believe Amy would have been happy to know something is done for a great cause (as well as a foundation set up in her name) if she was here. However, her music lives on as her legacy despite her early and tragic death.