Hands up if there are times you want or ever had a change in careers. If you say you are planning to change careers after how many years of working in a certain job you are, I wish you all the best and go for it. As for those you had or have been in one or a few career switches in your lifetime, good on you for having a bit spice of variety in your resume (or CV, depending what you call it).

Today I would like to talk about switching careers after reading an Asiaone Business article about career changing among young Singaporeans. After having read many reports about career switching among youth of today around the world, I cannot help but agree that Generation Y (ages between 18 to 29 years of age) are more likely to changes careers or job hop compared to their/our older counterparts, Generation X and Baby Boomers. To some people, they can perceive job hopping is a risky thing to do. However, there are many reasons why people undergo career changes. Some people think reasons for switching changes are the need for a higher income or getting a better work/life/social balance. However, some people (including myself) believe people switch careers due to changes in personal interest as well as the interest in having the spice of variety in their resumes where they gain different skills and qualifications as well as gaining experience in meeting new people.

I know someone from the Baby Boomer generation who changes careers every five years since he was a young man. He told me that he rather be ‘adventerous’ in changing careers to gain new skills and meet new people than be stuck in the same job for ten, twenty or thirty-odd years. That fellow said what he is doing would be perceived as foolish or risky by his Baby Boomer peers but he does not care what they think or say. To me, coming from Generation Y’s point of view, he is brave and adventerous in what he does.

What says you about changing careers? Have you considered going or have gone through a career switch? If so, what are the reasons?