Hello everyone, I am now back with Part 3 on positive female role models from fiction and media since I last posted for Parts 1 and 2.

1.) Kono Kalakaua from Hawaii Five-O (the 2010 remake version)

Don’t let this Hawaiian beauty fool you. Kono (portrayed by Grace Park) may look gentle and pretty but she is a Hawaiian Police Department graduate who can kick some butt and show the bad guys she won’t take any nonsense. She is loyal, streetwise, resourceful, caring and always fighting for the greater good. Secondly, she does not let an injury (which robbed her dream of becoming a pro-surfer) stop her from enjoying surfing when she is not catching bad guys and solving crime with the guys.

2.) Alesha Phillips from Law and Order: UK

Alesha Phillips (portrayed by former Doctor Who star Freema Agyeman) is a crown prosecutor who shows that she is capable in what she does as  a woman. Intelligent, always unafraid to speak her mind and compassionate, she goes the distance to seek justice for those who are unheard.

3.) Dr. Megan Hunt from Body of Proof

Despite a life-changing car crash which destroyed her career as a neurosurgeon, being a medical examiner and pathologist offer Dr. Hunt  (portrayed by Dana Delany) a second chance in her medical career. Her intelligence, sharp instincts and determination makes her a perfect heroine who is willing seek justice on behalf of her murdered victims.

4.) Eun Chae Ryung from It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl!

In the beginning of the popular Korean drama, It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl, Eun Chae Ryung (portrayed by Moon Chae Won), is a spoilt and materialistic daddy’s girl you would love to dislike or loathe (take your pick) until her sheltered world comes tumbling down when her father (portrayed by Park In Hwan) became unwell which prompt her to mature into the independent and strong girl , who learns that daddy cannot be there for her always when things go wrong and  it takes self-dedication and diligence to get to the top without relying on one’s parents and handouts all the time, you love in later episodes of the drama.  Despite her flaws, Eun Chae Ryung is a loyal girl who loves her father very much. Secondly, she also defends the people she cares where in one episode she defends her older sister, Eun Ae Ryung (played by Lee Hee Jin), by scolding her nasty sister-in-law, Jung Se Yeon (portrayed by Jin Se Yun)

5.) Charlotte Pitt from Anne Perry’s Thomas and Charlotte Pitt series

Charlotte Pitt is the wife of an English police inspector, Thomas Pitt,  (as well as the mother of Jemima and Daniel) in the well-known  fictional works of Anne Perry. Despite being from the upper-class, Charlotte is no prissy Victorian lady  who only cares about looking prim and proper. Instead, she is willing to solve crimes and help her Thomas out even it would mean interfering and digging up information beyond her husband’s reach.

6.) Gerda from Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen

As The Snow Queen is one of my favourite childhood tales, Gerda deserves the recognition as a positive fictional female role model. Why? Because Gerda is not just a loving and loyal girl but also she is willing to brave the ends of the world  and face danger to find, rescue and bring Kai home.

7.) Velma Dinkley from Scooby Doo

Another great female fictional character who shows that beauty is not always everything and being a geek can be a cool thing. With her interest in science , her resourcefulness, and her high intelligence, Velma is a perfect detective when it comes to solving mysteries.

What says you about the seven fictional female characters above?