For the past few months since I have seen and heard about the uprising happening in Egypt and Tunisia, here is a blog/website which is worth a mention for those into alternative media and never believing the hypes and cover-ups from the mainstream media.

This website is called Sarawak Report and it exposes everything the Malaysian mainstream media has been covering up and sugarcoating for way too long about Sarawak (East Malaysia). As in overdued way too long. If you think all is nice and peaceful in Sarawak like what is mentioned in guidebooks and the mainstream media, think again. This website is not just an informative portal for Sarawakians within Sarawak and the world but also for non-Sarawakians who want the truth to be known. You name it: everything from corrupted politicians lining their pockets with tax-payers’ hard earned cash to deforestation of the Sarawkian rainforest for their so-called development which is in actual fact (it is for real!) for grabbing as much land as possible all in the name of corruption, greed and selfishness. At the same time, Sarawak Report also emphasises on the need for transparency and a fairer Sarawak.

Sarawak Report is a website worth not just checking out but also deserves to sit on the throne along with those fighting for a fairer future in both Sarawak and Malaysia.