Today, an article straight from Asiaone’s Edvantage not just caught my attention but left me, as an individual, shocked and appalled at the actions of the teachers who made a mockery of a special needs student on Facebook, At the same time, it made me realised that things have not changed all that much since I last said a quiet “Good riddance” to my monster teacher when I completed my third year in primary school long ago.(as mentioned in my  previous post). Secondly, nasty teachers still do exist in this day and age.

However, as a blogger, I want to bring up the issue of teachers who come to class to teach yet they have no compassion. Therefore, I ask the questions to those nasty teachers out there (You know who you are): Why  take up teaching as  a job in the first place when you have no passion in teaching and love to make school a misery for kids or bad mouth a student under your care just because he or she is different or has a disability? Who gives you the right to mock a child behind his or her back? Have you ever stop to think that you are only hurting a child’s self-esteem? Have you consider the fact emotional abuse can leave an impact on a child? Honestly, you are no better than a bunch of schoolyard bullies who pick on a hapless classmate for being different.

Back to the issue about the teachers who mocked the special needs student on Facebook, the parent who got wind of what those teachers (or should I say so-called teachers) did not take it lying down and reported the matter to The New Paper. Good on her for not being a silent bystander and highlighting the incident. Whoever has a mother like Mrs. Lim, that child is not just lucky to have a great mum but also a good role model to look up to. Mrs. Lim, I don’t know who you are but you truly deserve an applause from me for coming forward and putting a stop to something you believe is wrong and unacceptable. Anyway, the teachers who mocked the student on Facebook should not only be branded as cyberbullies but also they are better off given the sack since they have shown themselves to be a bunch of bad eggs who have no compassion and empathy towards a Primary 5 student with special needs. If those so-called teachers love their jobs so much, I believe they should undergo mandatory probational trials and community service to not only make amends of their childish behaviour but also they should go and formally apologise to the child and his parents. Secondly, the school should slap them with a month-long suspension as well. Then again, I believe they are better off writing their resignation letters and go look for other jobs rather than give teaching a bad name.

What says you about the issue of the teachers who mocked the special needs student on Facebook? Do you think they should be punished? Do you believe people need to speak up more about the issue of so-called teachers who bully, mock or discriminate their students based on their disabilities or for being different?