Hello, I am back again. Some minutes ago, I was reading The Malaysian Insider online about the notorious Serdang kitten abuser, Chow Xiao Wei, who was in the headlines once more when she made her day in court since she was caught in the act of abusing kittens a few months ago. In case you have no idea who is Chow Xiao Wei, perhaps this Malay Mail article dating back to March 2011 would explain a bit. And the other article from Malay Mail which featured Chow Xiao Wei’s apology.

Excuse me, a RM400 (approximately US$ 135) fine for abusing some kittens and no other penalty involved? What about community service and probation for that girl? A RM400 fine from the Malaysian court is simply not enough to teach Chow Xiao Wei about the importance of respect towards all creatures, great and small. Two legs or four legs. As a blogger, I am simply appalled at the fact that she could just get away with a monetary fine as a slap on the wrist. I am not a psychologist but she could commit the same offence over again but who knows whether she is going to bash another animal or worse. Nobody knows. Secondly, an apology is just not enough for what she did.

If you look in countries like Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada and Europe, animal cruelty is taken very seriously. If a person is caught for being cruel to an animal whether to the point of serious injury or death, that offender will not just have to make his day in court but also (depending on the severity of the offense) serve jail time or do mandatory community service and undergo probation. The case of the American woman who starved her horses as reported on Fox News last year is one fine example. And the farmer doing his fourth jail time for animal cruelty as reported by BBC News.

What says you about the issue of the young Malaysian woman who was fined RM400 for abusing some kittens? Do you believe Malaysia should have tougher laws against animal cruelty? Do you think Chow Xiao Wei should not only pay the fine but also serve mandatory community service or jail time and probation for what she did?