Two days ago, I could only describe Sunday 24 July 2011 as the day that stood still when Amy Winehouse’s death hit the internet waves faster than the time when Kurt Cobain’s death hit the airwaves and newspapers back in 1994 (I was not even 11 years old that time). When is even shocking to note that talented yet troubled singer with the soulful voice was born in the same year as me! As an individual, her death made me understand how life can be taken for granted and cut short suddenly when one least expects it.

As a blogger, I am writing to say that her life may have been cut short but she is definitely the voice of our generation. You name it: genius, precociously musical, the new Ella Fitzgerald, talented and soulful. Amy Winehouse (1983-2011) not just made jazz sound great to our generation and the younger when she was alive but also she proved that she was gifted in her own right  with her songwriting and singing not just for a female but also for someone in her twenties like herself with her albums Frank (2003) and Back to Black (2006). Secondly, she won five Grammys in 2008, therefore, making a name for herself and the British music industry.

My condolences to the Winehouse family, friends and her fans in United Kingdom and around the world. Stay strong, okay? She may be gone but her voice will be forever remembered by us and future generations to come. Last but not least, to those saying Amy Winehouse deserved to die because of her self-destructive habits or believe the world is far better without her, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves because you are putting more salt in the wounds and you are no better than you really think. Amy is someone’s daughter, sister, cousin and friend and please don’t add more tears and grief for her family and friends mourning their loss.

Update: The funeral of Amy Winehouse took place today as of 27 July 2011 according to and here is Mitch Winehouse’s (Amy’s dad) touching tribute to his late daughter also reported by According to the latest report from the BBC, an Amy Winehouse Foundation is planned.