To those who are or maybe reading this, have you ask yourselves how important is having the chance to exercise your rights to vote when a general election hits your local country. If many of you say voting is both your social responsibility and your opportunity to have your say on what you believe is best for your countries, your societies and yourselves, good on you. However, to those who says “I don’t know, I don’t give a darn” or says you do not bother about voting or elections because you have no time or think it is a subject not worth thinking about, think again. As a blogger, I am not trying to shove any opinion down some throats but I have this question to ask: Imagine if you are living in a country or a society where elections are unfair and infested with loads of corruption no thanks to corrupted leaders.

Today on the 9th July 2011 is a very special day which not only took Malaysia by storm but also caught both online and international headlines alike from BBC to Malaysiakini (Youtube, Facebook and blogs included!). That is not all, similar Bersih 2.0 rallies have been organised in cities around the world from London to Sydney according to the official Bersih page. In case it is hard to believe, the proof is right here in the watch-worthy pudding shot in Melbourne which was uploaded unto Youtube very recently. In case you are wondering what sort of change is Bersih 2.0 is crying for, it (along with many Malaysians) are not only demanding for fairer and more transparent elections in Malaysia but also voicing that enough is enough with the corruption and governmental control placed unto citizens just to silence them from speaking out against what they believe is wrong for them, their fellow countrymen and their country (Try and imagine a country under the reign of a corrupted party and government for many decades or should I say way too long where they have been playing dirty from one election to another just to stay in power repeatedly).

According to a recent update from Malaysia Yahoo!, the rally has been described as a success but to me, as a blogger, I can applaud the courage of those dreaming for change to get up, proudly donning the yellow shirts, walk side by side in Kuala Lumpur and make a loud and clear point that they are not going to let corruption go on forever in their country, lockdown or no lockdown. Tear gas or no tear gas either. The same goes to Malaysians living overseas walking down the streets of Singapore, London, Melbourne and Sydney (and other cities I wish I can list down). However, there will be some people who deem the rally as illegal and this online article is deemed as one example. Excuse me, how on earth can a rally demanding for transperency and electoral reforms be considered as illegal? Whoever declares the rally as illegal must have been living under a rock too long. The Asian Human Rights Commission has something I couldn’t agree more. For goodness sake, Bersih 2.0 rally is not about promoting anarchy or stirring up trouble in the streets to create disunity among fellow citizens. Besides, the rally is about having the opportunity to unite together in a group and take to the streets to make a say when no one gives a care to lend an ear to hear them out. A latest update from The Star have stated that more than a thousand protesters have been detained during the Bersih 2.0 rally today. Honestly, it is just ridiculous to have people being detained for having a rally to express their say. Since when did going on a rally has become a crime just for demanding reform? Having followed the whole Bersih rally event made me felt thankful that I am able to exercise my vote during election time and express my thoughts without getting arrested in a country where transperency reigns greatly.

Before I end up rambling, all I want to say is Bersih 2.0 should never be forgotten. Nor should it be ignored and it is time the world knows what exactly is happening in Malaysia. Secondly, we cannot deny that corruption is rampant and Malaysians deserve to be heard and known. What says you about the whole Bersih 2.0 rally event? Do you believe the world needs to know that corruption still exists in Malaysia Opinions are welcomed!