Hello, everyone. I am very very sorry for being away from WordPress for quite a while. Anyway, I am back and this time with something on my mind. Last Monday, 20th June 2011, is not just an unforgettable day but also a tragic one. In case you are wondering why 20th June 2011 was tragic it was because it was the day Ryan Dunn (also nicknamed Random Hero) passed away in a fatal car crash. Before you start saying “Ryan who?”, Ryan Dunn (1977-2011) is the star of the famous MTV show Jackass (and its spin-off, Viva La Bam) who was not just renowned for his red hair and beard but also for doing some very dangerous stunts along with Johnny Knoxville and company which would leave some people either in awe or shock (depends how one sees it) and for his sense of humour and pranking antics (which can be seen in both Viva La Bam and his very own show MTV’s Homewrecker). In case any of you happen to be fans of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU), Ryan Dunn also made a guest appearance along with Kelly Hu in one episode.

As a blogger, I am not going to ramble further about the late MTV reality star/occasional actor/prankster/daredevil but I would like to bring up one issue that truly irks me. The issue I want to bring up is how some people have the cheek to cash in on his death when we are talking about someone’s son, best friend and brother who just passed away too soon and too young. A good example of some people cashing in on his death, as reported on 23 June 2011, are those looters raiding the crash scene to try ‘collect’ remnants of Dunn’s ruined car in order to make a couple of dollars off Ebay as reported in this online article! Excuse me, isn’t that a tad too disrespectful and insulting when this involves a dead person? That is not all, how about try reading what was reported on the Mirror UK as well when a fan was bidding for the death notice of Ryan Dunn on Ebay!  Seriously, what has the world got into? I can bet on the fact that Ryan would turn in his grave right now knowing how disrespectful some people could be when it comes to death. For crying out loud you lot (you know who you are), you are not just insulting someone’s memory when you try cashing in on his death but also you are not helping at all when his family, friends, loved ones and fans are in mourning. Last but not least, my heart goes out to his loved ones. Dunn will be sorely missed and I guess Jackass will never be the same again without him.

Anyway, what says you about the issue of people cashing in on someone’s death? Do you believe those people are being greedy and disrespectful? Do you think auction companies need to get strict on those people in the future? Your opinions are welcomed.