Sorry for being slack for the past few days, everyone. I had some matters to attend to but anyway I am back on the blogosphere. A few days ago, a very interesting piece of news coming all the way from Ireland not just caught everyone’s attention around the world but it shows what an inspiration Féilim Mac An Iomaire is to all people in their twenties amidst the global recession.

Before I go on a bit, it has been of a late that I have been hearing on radio and television about the issue of growing unemployment rates  among youth, especially talented and qualified ones, in their own countries or even in foreign soil. Like our predecessors of the Great Depression of the 20th Century, we in our twenties, have been called the lost youth. Or should I just say youth is lost in the global recession. Our parents the Baby Boomers have been hoping the best for us Generation Y where we could be in a steady job with a stable income and some money flowing into our bank savings. However, this is beyond our control since the global recession hit. Some of us are made to work in low paid jobs or jobs we feel we are mismatched in to help us to gain work experiences to be etched onto our CVs as well as helping us to survive a bit just to pay the bills or save up. Some have been fighting tooth and nail sending out CVs and attending job interviews only to get a rejection or not even a phone call from the companies. When the worse come, some of us are given no choice but to emigrate overseas. As a blogger, I am not here to moan or blow things out of proportions but I sometimes feel life can be very unfair when the global recession hits. Then again, we (especially to other folks out there in their twenties too, late teens included) have to stay strong for ourselves, keep our heads up high and take the global recession as a lesson we can learn from.

Before I start going off-topic, anyway, about Féilim Mac An Iomaire, what he did is not just considered as clever thinking but also he showed Ireland what skills he has that he could contribute to fellow Irish countrymen in his beloved Ireland. One thing lead after another since he set up the billboard. Ireland not only took notice of him. So did the world. That is not all, check out his Twitter account (which is authentic and for real):!/Joblesspaddy. Anyway, for now I can only wish the best for him and I hope there will a light at end of his tunnel.

What says you about Féilim’s strategy in getting noticed? Do you think it is clever and inspiring at the same time? Do you believe Féilim in a way touched on the issue of unemployment among Irish youth as well as young people around the world?