Yesterday, I was watching Close Up where a segment mentioned of a 13-year-old Kiwi girl, Tori McCauley, who not just made national headlines talking to the Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key, but also bringing up the issue of bullying in New Zealand schools. (You can view the TVNZ video here if you are able to view it). As a blogger, I cannot help but applaud the young girl’s action of not just confronting the issue of bullying as well as her passion in making all schools safe for every Kiwi kid.

In case you are wondering why a 13-year-old from Morrinsville College is tackling the issue of bullying. Tori is not just doing it after what had happened in her school some time ago, leaving the victim with brain damage (view this article and the follow-up article from Newstalk ZB) but also she understands how bullying can negatively impact on a person (she did mention in the Close Up interview on the telly that her mother was a victim of bullying as a young child herself long before Tori was born). Tori shows what grown-ups have failed in tackling bullying in schools while a young kid is saying “Enough of the bullying. Something needs to be done. Lip service is not going to make the bullying stop”.

What says you about Tori’s actions? Do you think what she is doing is considered a wake-up call for everyone that something needs to be done to tackle bullying in schools around New Zealand and the world? Do you agree that there is more to be done to tackle the issue of bullying?