For the past two to three days, an interesting headline straight from The Daily Mail not just opened my eyes about what had happened in Saudi Arabia recently but also left me, as a blogger, outraged and shocked. Getting arrested for driving just because one is a woman is utterly wrong, backward and ridiculous in my book. After reading this article, I went on Google and found more articles especially this Daily Mail one (16 May 2011) which made mention of the same woman who defied the driving ban against women in her home country.

To forbid a woman (doesn’t matter if she is a local or a foreigner) from driving is the dumbest rule I have come across in this day and age. Call me dumb or whatever you like, to forbid a woman her right to drive is as bad as  forbidding a girl to get an education or a better future  just because she is a girl. What’s more, it is as bad as telling a woman that she cannot go to work and earn her own money to put food on the table just because she is female. What Manal did is not just courageous but also it is a wake-up call for people to understand that draconian and discriminatory rules against women still exist in some parts of the world. All Manal wants is a change for the better for all women and girls in Saudi Arabia. As a result of what happened, well, that caused an uproar amongst human rights watch and readers alike around the world. Amnesty International’s article is a perfect example of highlighting this issue. And that one too from Canada Views.

Last but not least, as a female, the Manal issue made me count my blessings that I am fortunate to live in a country that allows me and other females to drive. Anyway, I don’t want to keep rambling on. What says you about the issue of Manal al-Sherif defying the driving ban against women? Do you believe Saudi Arabia needs to do away with the driving ban against women for the sake of both society’s and women’s progress?