Today I was browsing through The Daily Mail until this article caught my attention. I was left shocked and disgusted all at the same time reading what 18-year-old American teen mum Shantaniqua Scott did and almost tried to snuff the life out of a mere little baby. However, I felt relieved knowing that a few concerned hospital staff used a hidden camera to catch her in the act of trying to suffocate her baby to death in the ward. If it weren’t for the hospital staff following their suspicion and gut instinct (good on them), that little boy would have died (and probably could have ended up having his death classed as cot death or by some health problem) while Shantaniqua would have got away with murder scot-free. Anyway, I hope that child does not end up with lasting injuries due to the abuse and attempted murders committed by his own mother.

Having to read that the teen mum confessed to the police she tried to snuff the life out of that baby boy all because she wanted her carefree life back left my head reeling in disbelief and anger. Excuse me, killing a helpless little baby just to regain the carefree life she missed so badly? That is the most callous and cold-blooded excuse I ever heard coming from Shantaniqua’s lips. I am not here to judge her whatsoever but if she really doesn’t want her baby anymore all because she wants her carefree, child-free life back, why didn’t she consider adoption in the first place? That little boy deserves to be loved and raised by a loving family as well as living his life to the fullest with a bright future ahead of him and away from any form of harm. Or how about this: why didn’t she think clearly for herself and consider getting some blooming contraceptives if she knew pretty well that she was going to end up getting pregnant and bringing a new life into this world?

I hate to say this, Shantaniqua, you want your child-free life back so badly but too bad you got caught on camera for trying to kill a baby. No, make that your own child. Your own flesh and blood. Oh yes before I forget, you are giving good parents, including some devoted, dedicated and loving teenaged parents, a very bad name. Too bad that you are very likely to spend your entire child-free life behind bars for a long, long time. Well, make that jail where they are just likely going to throw away the key and see to that you will never get to see the light of freedom. Sorry to say you just kissed goodbye to the carefree life really. Goodbye to clubbing, goodbye to hanging out with friends, and goodbye to everything to do with carefree. Secondly, you also shown yourself to America and the world that you are an unfit parent who is capable of doing your worst.

Anyway, what says you about what this teen mum did to her baby? Do you believe the hospital staff have done a wonderful job catching her on camera and saving that baby’s life? What do you believe should be done on such parents like Shantaniqua Scott? Opinions are welcomed.