Yesterday an article from The Malay Mail did a follow-up update on the Youtube bully clip victim from Malaysia. She is not going to be transferred and is staying put at her current alma mater (yay!). As for the bullies, the article stated that they will be coming back next week after serving their two-week suspension (What?!!! No freaking way!).

As a blogger, I think that is just wrong to allow those mean girls back to school. Therefore, it makes me question why can’t those girls be transferred to separate schools instead. Although I can’t help but be amazed at how forgiving the victim is as well as putting the painful incident behind in order to move on with her life, I cannot help but wonder what if those mean girls might do it all over again once they get back to school when they are done with their two-week suspension. Call me suspiscious but a two-week suspension is not enough to deal with the bullies and I don’t think those mean girls have totally changed their attitude. Only time will tell if those mean girls would strike again behind the grown-ups’ backs and bully that poor girl again when no one is looking. If they bully again, sorry to say, those girls are only laughing at the grown-ups for only being given a slap on the wrist instead of a slap on their faces. Secondly, if they bully again, they would put their parents to shame once more.

To that school in Malaysia, get real and watch those mean girls out like a hawk because I don’t think they totally turn over a new leaf. As for the victim (you know who you are), it is noble of you to forgive and move on with your life despite what had happened. However, you still have to be alert and not let your guard down entirely once your classmates return to school. As for the mean girls (you know who you are), you better watch your backs after what you did and you better not bully that girl again. Actions speak louder than words since it is no point of you saying “I have changed” to the Malaysian public after what you had done.

What says you about the issue of the mean girls returning to their school once they are done serving their two-week suspension next week? Do you think it is noble of the victim to forgive and do her best in moving on with her life after the bullying? Do you believe those mean girls are better off being transferred to other schools for the sake of the victim’s safety and well being? Do you believe allowing those mean girls back into the school is a bad idea? Do you think those mean girls might bully again? Opinions are welcomed!

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