Here is the latest update from The Star on what happened to the mean girl once the Malaysian public and some concerned people outside Malaysia came to the defence of her victim. I don’t want to sound like I am judging her whatsoever but the bed she made involving the Youtube bully clip is something she to live with for a very long time. To read her saying “Please do not discriminate against me or my mother. I regret what I have done and I will change. I will prove it”, just made me can’t totally buy into what she said in the interview. To the mean girl (you know who you are), do you really and sincerely mean it with your words full of apology? We shall see if you can truly turn over a new leaf and stop being a bully for yours and everyone’s sake. If you go back on your apology and go back to your old bullying ways, well, shame on you for putting up an act to try and fool us just to appease the Malaysian public and those outside Malaysia! If you choose to remain as a bully, sad to say, you fit the whole “Once the bully, always a bully” package.

When I read her grandfather pleading the Malaysian public to go easy on her as she is only 13. Well, grandpa, ask yourself why did your grandchild deserve getting admonished by some netizens on Facebook and including on the blogosphere? Just because she is 13 that does and did not give her every right under the sun to bully and humiliate her classmate who is different or weaker than her. Let alone shoot and upload a Youtube bully clip which the poor victim will have to live with for the rest of her life. Having read what was reported in this 12 May 2011 The Star article, I cannot help but feel sorry for the mother of the mean girl who has to live with the humiliation and the fact that she is has a bully for a child. But then again, who knows, what if that mean girl’s bad behaviour is somewhat learnt from home or perhaps she was not parent properly (we will never know but who knows what is actually going on behind the walls of that mean girl’s house).

Anyway, what says you about the mean girl’s apology? Do you think she is truly sincere? Do you think she is only 13 years old where the Malaysian public should go easy on her after what she had done to her victim? Opinions are welcomed (but no profanity please).

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