Hello everyone. You might remember the previous post when I last wrote about the mother who injects Botox into her child’s face a few months ago. Well, guess what? This latest from The Daily Mail article gives us every reason to gasp in shock horror or scream “Oh no! Not that mum again!”. However, I can sigh a little relief now that child welfare services has finally stepped in and investigating this matter (thank goodness at least a few people with common sense having the guts to step in and do something about it).

I agree with those (blogosphere, online and offline) who deem the mother’s act as child abuse and who knows what can Botox do to a child’s face in the long run. It is agreeable that anyone injecting Botox into a child’s face all for cosmetic reasons is actually being medically unethical by doing more harm than good on a child, let alone a little girl. Just to cut that short, what says you about the issue of child welfare services getting to the bottom of this? Do you believe there should be a law against parents like this woman who inject Botox into a little girl’s face? Opinions are welcomed.