Hello, I am back once again since I wrote about the Youtube bully clip scandal and the follow-up post. Today, the latest article update from The Star states that the mean girls have apologised to their victim. However, I do and still question to this day if those girls are truly sincere with their apology. My suspiscion is confirmed when I read another Malaysian online article (The Malay Mail) which reported that the mean girls are not one hundred percent  remorseful and ashamed of their actions. The quoted sentence from The Malay Mail, “Three of the female bullies were smiling and even giggled as they were about to mutter “sorry” to the 13-year-old bully victim, who could only smile back.”, is just evident enough to show their real selves: insincere, lack of remorse and mean.

I hate to say this but this shows those mean and insincere girls have this “You can’t touch me” mentality and are taking the grown-ups (including their parents and the victim’s family) and the public for fools. Secondly, we should not be one bit surprised if they intend to repeat their bad behaviour onto their victim (possibly out for revenge) or any other possible victim. It is only a matter of time. There will be people disagreeing with what I wrote but then again, those mean girls show that they still choose to be monsters (or psychopaths they are, depending on how you view them). But there will be some people saying they need to be punished severely. To the school and the Ministry of Education, wake up and have the sense to give those girls the appropriate punishment that fit their wrongdoings. 14 days of suspension is NOT enough nor is their apology.

What says you about this latest update on those mean girls from Malaysia? Do you believe their apology is not one hundred and one percent sincere with their apology? What kind of punishment do you think is fit for them? Do you believe it is only a matter of time if they will repeat their bullying ways?