Hi, I am back again since my last post about the recent Youtube bully clip scandal which rocked Malaysia. According to the latest update from Malaysia’s The Star, the bullies are receiving a 14-day suspension for their misdeeds. Excuse me, did I read a 14-day suspension? 2 weeks worth of suspension, in my opinion, is just not enough for what those mean girls had done on their victim. Anyway, I am not a parent nor an education expert but personally, I believe these girls should be serving at least one or two months of suspension and detention along with behavioural therapy and compulsory community service. Not forgetting the appropriate punishment from their parents, with their tough love approach, by stripping off the bullies’ privileges to use mobile phones and the Internet for at least a month or two. Once they are done serving their suspensions, those girls should be placed in separates classes to prevent them from ganging up together and do it all over again. The other option I believe will fit best if those mean girls are not placed in separate class: transferring them to separate schools so that they will never gang up together and bully another girl again.

I understand that there will some people disagreeing with what is announced in The Star today and believe they are better off expelled from school for life. Honestly, expulsion does not solve their bullying behaviour alone. There will be some people would disagree with my suggested punishment but that is just my opinion. As for the victim who was mentioned in another update on The Star, it is great to know that her plight is known to others including the Malaysian public. However, I hope the best for her and her family. To the victim, I don’t know who you are or your name, please stay strong and remember that you have the support and love from nice people who are and will be on your side. I understand what you had been through and no child should experience the bullying you endured.

What says you about the issue of giving these mean girls two weeks of suspension for their wrongdoings? Do you believe is it enough for them? If not, why? What kind of punishment should those girls have besides the suspension? Opinions are welcomed (but no profanity please!)