Today, I was browsing through The Malaysian Star when this latest article caught my attention. To read that poor high school girl (heard that the school is SMK Raja Abdullah somewhere in Malaysia) endured the harrowing experience of being strangled with a tie, hit with books, being pulled and having her hair deliberately cut off by a bunch of bullies followed by this horrible act shot and uploaded on Youtube made my blood boil but at the same time felt relieved knowing that some concerned Malaysian netizens took the victim’s side and condemned what those mean girls did to her (check this previous article too as well as a letter of concern to The Star from a reader in United Kingdom). However, saying an apology (I don’t care if those mean bullies are being genuine or not after what they had done) is not enough.

You may disagree with me all you like but those horrid kids should not only be slapped with therapy, rehabiliation and disciplinary action from the school but they also should be grounded by the parents with the whole “I love you but I hate what you did” approach with a touch of tough love. Like it or not, if those mean bullies are not nipped in the bud now, they are going to become tomorrow’s moralless monsters who think it is acceptable to bully someone for being different or weak. I also believe those girls should be legally prosecuted for assaulting their victim. This recent incident in Malaysia shows that bullying doesn’t just happen in Western societies but also in Asian countries too. Secondly, it is a wake-up call for everyone to understand that we, parents, caregivers, concerned individuals and education experts alike, should take bullying seriously.

To the victim in Malaysia, whoever you are, I am so sorry to read about what you had been through and you deserve better than this. Stay strong and remember that you got your family, your close friends and a bunch of caring people by your side now. As for those mean girls (You know who you are), I am sorry to say this  to you bunch of stupid cows (Excuse my language but bullies like you just make me angry) but what you did is considered low and disgusting. You are no better than a bunch of criminal thugs who prey on innocent by robbing or hitting them in a street. Shooting and uploading a bully clip on Youtube is the biggest mistake you have made in your entire lives and you have no right to humiliate your victim. To the parents of those mean girls, I am very sorry that you have to go through the most embarassing part of your lives knowing what your daughters had done to their classmate and I hope you will mete out the proper punishment and see to that they will not repeat their bad behaviour again. Don’t sweep it all under the rug and deny that nothing happened when your daughters did a terrible thing against someone in their school. Last but not least, to all schools in Malaysia, time to get real and admit that bullying is a serious matter that exists in every school yard.  

Anyway, what says you about this issue that happened in Malaysia? Do you think that apology is not enough? If so, why? Do you believe those bullies should undergo therapy and rehabilitation as well as getting the appropriate punishment from their parents and the school? Or do you believe those mean girls should be legally prosecuted in court? Opinions are welcomed (but no profanity please!)

Update:  Now here is another article from The Malay Mail in relation to the bullying incident