Yesterday, an article from Malaysia’s The Star caught my attention about a woman coming forward and lodging a rape report after 18 years. If you are shocked and disgusted to read the perpetrator of that horrible crime is the woman’s uncle, I can assure you that you are not only ones.

As many crime experts would tell us that rape and sexual abuse are more often committed by people the victims know, I cannot help but agree as  time and again, rape and sexual abuse cases committed by family members are not as rare as most people think. If the Joseph Fritzl case from Austria or the fictional character Precious (from the novel Push by Sapphire but turned into a movie) springs to mind, well, sexual related crimes can be committed not just by fathers but also by any other male family members. Unfortunately, it is becoming more rampant than we expected.

If you think the Malaysian case is the only thing that recently happened, try reading this case reported by The Bristol Evening Post about a young woman testifying in court about being repeatedly raped by her own brother who was supposed to respect and protect her as a child. As a blogger, I can only describe her brother as a monster who robbed his sister her childhood and her innocence. For all the things he did against her, he will have to answer to God for what he done. That goes the same for the two Hong Kong brothers who were jailed around 2010 for raping their sister and sexually assaulting their nieces according to the article. Personally (I am going to be shot for saying it but who cares), I believe those those monsters mentioned in this blog are better off rotting in jail for life and better off dead (I am sorry to say this but what they did to their family members definitely left my blood boiling over what they did to them) for what they have done to their victims especially when they suffered as children.

What says you about the issue of rape and sexual abuse committed by family members against their own daughters, nieces and sisters? Do you believe these sort of monsters are better off being meted out harsher punishments by the law for their disgusting deeds? If you are in a situation where you come across a female family member (daughter, sister, niece, grandchild or even a cousin) who is sexually abused by a male family member, what would you do? Opinions are welcomed.