Some moments ago, an article from the Daily Mail caught my attention where it made a mention about a British supermodel’s ‘legacy’ which not only resurfaced recently but also incurred the wrath of critics and concerned people alike. In case you have no idea when did the whole Kate Moss ‘legacy’ happen, try reading this MSN article which dated back to 2009 (I am sorry it is like two years ago but this deserves a mention).

The slogan “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” printed on a kid’s shirt may sound cute and hilarious to a few people but as a blogger, I don’t find it all that cute, funny and appealing. Therefore, allow me to ask this question: what kind of message are we sending to people when eating disorders and negative body image is becoming prevalent in this day and age? Call me a wet blanket but I believe any slogan on a child’s clothing can send a good or bad message about himself or herself (including his or her self-esteem).

If you think the controversial skinny slogans will be the first and last thing to be mentioned in the news and at the same time, fuelling the wrath of concerned people, how about try these slogans such as “Mummy likes it on top” or “I’m bringing sexy back” on a baby’s shirt which was mentioned in a 2009 Tasmania’s The Mercury article? Or that slogan, “So many boys, so little time”, which are emblazoned on shirts targeted to girls as mentioned by The Daily Mail a few days ago? Cute and funny slogans? I DON’T think so! You may disagree all you like but I have to say the use of sexualised and skinny slogans are nothing but irresponsible marketing when children’s clothes are involved.

I don’t want to ramble on but what says you about the issue of using skinny slogans on children’s shirts? Do you believe it is offensive and irresponsible marketing? What do you think? Opinions are welcomed.