You may have heard or even read about them in the newspapers or online. What am I talking about? Eating disorders. I know there are many of you who would instantly associate an eating disorder with a teenager, let’s say for example ages between 15 to 19 years of age, who just checked into an eating disorder clinic. However, what if I tell you that eating disorders do not discriminate when it comes to age?

If you reading on, I kid you not. Some minutes ago, an online news article from the UK made a mention about a child aged under ten in United Kingdom being treated for an eating disorder. If some of you think it it is a hoax, how about try reading those two articles, one from The Guardian from UK, and the other from Ireland’s The Independent. Or try reading that article from the BBC. For some of you who are convinced with what you had read, you must be wondering in shock what has the world got into when eating disorders among kids are getting younger and younger in this day and age (sad but true that there are a few documented case of eating disorder patients now as young as six years old). If you are, you are not the only ones as I too am wondering why.

My entry may be short here but what says you about the issue of eating disorders becoming prevalent among children under ten? What do you think needs to be done? Who or what do you believe should be blamed for the prevalence of eating disorders among young kids? Opinions are welcome (but no profanity please!)