Some minutes ago, I was browsing through Daily Mail UK online to find this interesting article. Reading through the article made me cannot help but understand that money cannot buy parental responsibility and today I want to talk about the issue of irresponsible mothers who choose parties and fun over responsibility. If you think that irresponsible mothers only exist in fiction such Mary Lennox’s mother (described as an elegant woman who chooses parties over being a parent) in Frances Hodgson Burnett’s classic, The Secret Garden, or even Kang Moo Kyul’s irresponsible mother(a-reckless-teenager-trapped-in-the-body-of-a-woman-in-her-forties), Kam So Young (portrayed by Lee Ah Hyun), in the Korean drama, Mary Stayed up All Night, think again. Or if you think that irresponsible mothers only exist among some people from the lower income and middle income groups, think again too. There such things as party-animal and materialistic but irresponsible mothers who do exist and it is just that not many people know.

In case you have no idea who is Tamara Beckwith, she is not just known as an English socialite also the It girl of the 1990s. Here is something more interesting: she became a mother at aged 17 (when she was still only a young kid back in 1987) according to what was written in this old article. What the socialite did while her daughter was growing up mentioned in the earlier article made me shocked to read Anouska recalling how she was subjected to ‘huge house parties which went on for days’ at age 6 years of age. Before you think she was going to end up like her mother years later, she is considered fortunate to be raised by her grandparents who made sure that their granddaughter has a normal life as a child while mama was too busy having fun and enjoying her jet-set lifestyle surrounded by parties, fast cars, private planes. Before you start saying that It girl’s daughter is revealing all that to gain attention, a person who recalls experiencing what she went through, good and bad, is not doing this to seek attention or sympathy. Who knows what drove her to say it for the Daily Mail and the world to know.

If you think that It girl is the only person you think has committed some kind of neglect, try Amber Portwood (who is not a socialite but famous for being on a reality show) from MTV’s Teen Mom who doesn’t seem to have one bit of love in her towards little Leah. Therefore, that shows that irresponsible mothers exist in any social class in life. It is so easy to say “These sort of people should have been sterilised in the first place” but as a blogger, I can only feel sorry for kids who do not choose to have irresponsible mothers. However, for those who grew up alright and end up as sensible individuals with normal, stable lives despite having irresponsible mothers, I can only say, “Good on them”. Anyway, what says you about the issue of irresponsible mothers? Do you happen to come across one in your own community? Opinions are welcomed (but no profanity please!)