Last time I spoke about the issue of benefit thieves in my previous entry, The scums: Benefit thieves. Today, I want to continue to speak about the issue of benefit thieves (depends where you come from they are also known as benefit cheats) who once again made the headlines for the very wrong reasons as well as showing to us law-abiding people that benefit fraud never pays. Here is the most recent case which caught the attention of British in the Daily Mail. Just shocking, don’t you think?

Anyway, as a blogger, I am not here to try and say that asylum seekers are all the same just because of one bad hat who made a spot in the Daily Mail a few days ago. I just want to say that anyone, be he a citizen or non-citizen is capable of committing benefit fraud. A great example of an English couple conning the benefit department all for themselves and their horses just made the cut in the British daily here. What these people did is extremely shameful and doing an injustice to honest and law-abiding British tax payers who pay their taxes on time. That is not all, they are fulfilling their greed by unfairly stealing money  from people who truly need it. Chancellor George Osborne summed this one up pretty well in The Independent last year.

Therefore, let us ask this question. Have these benefit cheats ever stop to wonder what are they doing to law-abiding citizens and their country? If they choose to be ignorant all no thanks to their greed and dishonesty, shame on them once again! From what I found in this recent NZ Herald article on the issue of benefit cheating, this is the amount of money benefit cheats steal off the government. This happens everywhere around the world and if any of you believe they are no better than petty thieves and crooks swindling a few widows you have said it well.

What says you about this issue of benefit cheats? What do you think needs to be done before they could do more possible damage (economically and morally) to the society you come from? Opinions are welcomed.