Hello everyone, I am back again and would like to take an opportunity to bring up another issue which happened back in 2008. My latest post will be sort of a continuation of my recent post, Of heartlessness and lack of compassion: When insensitive people make a mockery of out a country’s misfortune. Anyway, if anyone of you remember the Sichuan earthquake tragedy in 2008, you might have come across a few people who might have made snide remarks in response to the 2008 tragedy where many lives were lost.

If you think that 50 Cent and Gilbert Gottfried are the only ones who have made a mockery out of Japan’s earthquake/tsunami tragedy recently, they will not be the first nor the last famous (but terribly stupid) celebrities who have made fools of themselves and incur the wrath of many concerned people amidst another country’s tragedy. Perhaps this 2008 news snippet from Fox News might jog your memory. Or this 2008 news footage that made its way into Youtube. Or this one too. Before you begin saying “Sharon who?” or “Sharon whats-her-name?”, what this actress did was not just uncalled for but also showed how insensitive, cold and unsmart of her (claiming herself to be a member of Mensa when she is not one actually) to make a scathing comment and trying to imply that the Sichuan earthquake was karmic (thank goodness I am never a fan of Sharon Stone and never will be).

As a result of her comments, she did gain the wrong attention and incurred the wrath of many concerned people (and perhaps some of her fans becoming ex-Sharon Stone fans) who were appalled at what came out from her mouth. That was not all, her karma came back to bite her in the form of a boycott of her movies and her advertisements in China. The proof is straight from The Times UK. And this from an entertainment blog back in 2008. The Sharon Stone incident has not only shown that anyone regardless whether a person is an ordinary individual or even a star is capable of saying something insensitive and stupid. Secondly, her incident shows that being insensitive never pays.

Anyway, what says you about this incident? Have any of you come across someone making insensitive and nasty remarks like what Sharon Stone did during the Sichuan earthquake incident of 2008? Opinions are welcomed.