Hi, I am back again since I last spoke about what is so not nice about Carrie Bradshaw in my previous entry, I dislike Sex and the City: What is good about emulating Carrie Bradshaw anyway?. Anyway, a very recent entertainment news snippet (don’t know if it is real or rumour) which states that the leading actress wants a possible Sex and the City sequel  (gasp!) after and despite the Sex and the City 2 flop which happened last year. Here is the online news snippet which is mentioned on the New Zealand MSN entertainment section.

I am gonna get shot for saying this (by a bunch of very rabid Sex and the City fans especially those who happen to like Carrie Bradshaw) but anyway this is what I have to say in response to this issue. Do we really need another Sex and the City sequel to put up with if the third movie happens? Honestly speaking, Sex and the City is already dead (and would love it to stay that way, really). That’s not all, when the second movie got butchered by the critics in 2010, I was left smiling all the way. So, why should we have to see an irritating so-called heroine (who is actually a materialistic, dumb, narcissistic, insecure and selfish loser of a shrew with a terrible fashion sense) like Carrie Bradshaw having to grace the silver screen all over again? Honestly, Carrie Bradshaw is so unappealing, unrealistic and out of date. Just give me Penelope Garcia (Criminal Minds), Olivia Benson of Law and Order: SVU or Buffy anytime. Carrie Bradshaw is a no-go and no-show.

Anyway, what says you about this?