Since I last spoke about teachers who bully their students in the previous blog article, Teachers who bully: When classroom lessons become a child’s nightmare, a news article  from The Star few days ago, about a boy who is allegedly attacked by a trainee teacher (make that one who doesn’t have any passion in being a good teacher I bet), not just caught the attention of Malaysians but also those who were once bullied by a teacher from hell be it past or present (regardless of which country we come from).

Prior to what happened, a parent wrote a letter of concern  (dated 28th Feb 2011) to The Star in Malaysia addressing his/her worries about his/her child studying in a school where a tyrant of a senior assistant teacher is ruling the school with an iron fist (I kid you not if you have a senior assistant teacher who is good at hurling insults which leave dents on a child’s self-esteem in school). Little did we know, the letter of concern and that recent incident lead to a latest article  on the issue of bullying by teachers to be written and published by The Star Education yesterday.

As a blogger, I agree with what the child psychologist has explained how damaging is bullying to a child when that terrible deed is committed by a teacher who is supposed to be a caring and understanding mentor.  Lastly, the phrase “teachers can make or break a child” definitely rings true. Anyway, what says you about this? Do you think or believe that teachers who bully need to be blacklisted from teaching for life? Do you think that children bullied by teachers need to get the help they need? Your opinions are welcomed.